The 5 Best IDPA Holsters (Play by the Rules)

best IDPA holster

When USPSA competition holsters, guns, and matches got too unrealistic shooters broke off and decided to make real-world shoots a competition. That’s how IDPA was born. Holsters, firearms and magazine pouches are strictly limited to what an armed citizen or police officer might have on them when they find themselves in violent confrontation. That doesn’t […]

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The Best 3 Gun Holster for Competition Shooting

best holster for 3 gun

All forms of competitive shooting are heavily gear driven. None more so than 3 gun. 3 gun matches are typically unlimited in the amounts of modifications and specialization of equipment that you can use to win. Many of the crazy modifications you see on guns to hold extra ammo, belts specifically made to hold odd […]

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The 4 Best Holsters for Walther PPS M2 Guns

best holster for walther pps m2

You may be looking at the multiple options available for concealed carry on the modern market or you may be looking for a back up gun. You might want some with a little more mechanical class than a Glock and with the classic Walther name. One of the compacts looks desirable and you begin to […]

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