The 5 Best Pocket Holsters (Including Wallet Concealment)

best pocket holster

Is there a place for pocket carry?

When people think of pocket carry many experienced shooters instantly think of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. That’s not always the case. There are many people who have been conceal carrying for many years and choose to carry a backup gun or a sub caliber pistol in their pocket.

The only safe way to pocket carry is by having the best pocket carry holster. No matter what the pocket is, or where it’s located, you need a holster for your gun. Depending on what type of gun it is and which pocket you're carrying in, you may need different holsters for the same gun. Because pocket holsters carry a lot of confusion, here are five of the best pocket carry holsters on the market and how to make sure you don’t get stuck carrying a dangerous one.

Why You Need a Pocket Holster

If you’re going to carry inside the pocket, you’re going to need a holster! There’s no getting around this fact. Pocket holsters are extraordinarily important if you’re going to carry inside the pocket or a purse, jacket or even your hands.

Pocket holsters do two things for you:

1. They provide a means to cover the trigger guard of your gun to prevent negligent discharges

2. They hold the gun in a consistent position for a predictable draw stroke.

When you carry a gun in your pocket without a holster you are exposing yourself to a lethal negligent discharge. It doesn’t take much for clothing to be bunched up, other items inside your pocket or even a finger to discharge the gun during a draw stroke or while walking around throughout the day.

Without a holster, the gun is free to flop back and forth or get inverted inside your pocket throughout the day. If you need to draw your gun quickly, or even safely, you’re out of luck! Holsters are extremely important to protect the trigger guard of a firearm, especially single action, and striker fired guns, and provide a consistent predictable draw stroke.

In many states, it’s illegal to carry in your pocket without a holster. Check your local regulations to see if there are any laws pertaining this.

The 5 Best Pocket Holsters

1. BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster

front pocket holster

​Best Front Pocket Holster

Having holsters in your front pocket is extremely important. Not only does it provide for a consistent draw stroke that you can quickly and reliably count on, it protects the trigger guard and prevents negligent discharges, protecting you from potentially fatal accidents!

However, pocket holsters need to be very fancy or well-designed. Anything that will prevent you from pulling the trigger and keep the gun in an upright position will do its job. The only real feature that you want in a pocket holster is the ability to easily shed the holster as you draw your gun.

Blackhawk has developed this tech grip holster to be one of the best pocket holsters. It's basically a thermal bonded three laminate constructed pouch that your gun sits inside. The tech grip material grips the inside of your pocket to keep the gun vertical and also provides a surface to tug against as you draw your gun out of your pocket.

Overall, most pocket holsters have a tendency to come out with the gun or be too loose to keep your gun securely upright in your pocket. This holster does both and comes in much cheaper than many other holsters on the market, making it one of the most cost-effective and one of the best front pocket holsters on the market.

2. MIE Productions Kydex Pocket Holster

kydex pocket holster

​Best Kydex Pocket Holster

Using Kydex for a pocket holster has several advantages. Kydex is incredibly sturdy and stiff but is also completely maintenance-free and can be molded into many shapes. However, using the thickness of kydex or not deburring the edges can lead to chafing and an extremely uncomfortable pocket holster.

The designers at MID productions made this pocket holster to be one of the best kydex pocket holsters on the market by eliminating as much weight in bulk as possible, using the thinnest kydex available in deburring all the edges so that it doesn’t dig into your leg as you walk.

The large front hook underneath the trigger guard sheath is designed to grab the edge of your pocket pulling the gun away from the holster. That way you don’t have to worry about not being able to fire your gun because the holster is still securely encasing the trigger guard.

This holster is designed to provide maximum concealment and comfortable and is 100% handmade in the USA. Consider using this holster if you’re using a smaller pistol or have baggy pants. It will provide all the retention, safety and maintenance free designs that kydex is known for but afford you more concealment and comfort inside your pocket.

3. Daltech Force PP2 Small Gun Pocket Holster

concealed carry wallet holsters

​Best Concealed Carry Wallet Holster

Wallet holsters are popular for pocket carry because they conceal the shape of a firearm but still allow ample access. If you’re looking for a long holster that could be legitimately confused with a wallet, your options are pretty slim. However, there are some models on the market that are made from genuine steer hide and will last you a lifetime if you keep it dry and well conditioned.

Unlike a lot of nylon imported wallet holsters, this model from Daltech is designed to be a zero print holster. The rectangular shape of the holster completely disguises the shape of a firearm and will fit multiple different guns similar to the size Ruger LCP or six-hour P238.

Made from 5 ounces of 100% premium top grain cowhide leather the rough surface grabs the inside of your pocket along with the rubber strip that pulls the holster away from your gun when you draw.

This holster makes most off body carry safe and effective including jackets, purses and any pocket that you can safely draw from. The nature of this holster completely conceals your firearm, eliminates all printing and allows carry in virtually any wardrobe.

4. Talon Concealed Carry Wallet & Cargo Pocket Leather Holster

​Best Shoot Through Wallet Holster

​Best Shoot Through Wallet Holster

If you’re looking for the right combination of a pocket holster and firearm accessibility this may have you covered. A shoot through wallet holster allows you to access the trigger guard while the gun is still in its holster.

This model from Talon is a concealed carry wallet that completely disguises the shape of a firearm and makes it safe to carry as a standalone item inside a pocket. When you carry a shooter holster you must make sure that no other objects can come in contact with the trigger. The trigger guard is completely obscured inside the wallet holster except for long objects like fingers that can reach through and touch the trigger.

Carrying in a back pocket or purse with this holster is completely safe as long as the gun and holster are in its own pocket. Getting used to drawing a holster like this and accurately firing takes some time to get used to. Remember, these holsters can knock a semi automatic pistol out of battery and cause the weapon to lock up after the first round is fired. If you shoot your gun inside this holster consider it to be a single shot gun.

Overall, however, this all premium cowhide leather holster is well-made in the United States and is used by countless law enforcement professionals and concealed carriers. It’s backed by a full guarantee and is an excellent holster for someone looking for the best shoot through wallet holster on the market.

5. Wallet Holster for Full Concealment

​Best Fully Concealed Wallet Holster

​Best Fully Concealed Wallet Holster

If you’re looking for a holster that fully and completely encases a firearm for off body carry or for carrying inside a car you don’t have too many options.

Many wallet holsters can come close to completely concealing a firearm but make carrying it inside a pocket or drawing quickly a problem. Speed and access with these types of holsters are always going to be a problem but this wallet holster for full concealment from Kevin’s Concealment Holsters is an excellent example of an all-around compromise that you can live with.

It includes a phone block that supports the trigger guard of your weapon and a full strip of leather that wraps completely around the gun. To draw and fire this gun it takes two hands to pull the gun out of your pocket and separate from the holster.

The holster itself is high-quality and works well to completely obscure the outline of your gun without adding too much weight or bulk. This is certainly a niche item but can be used if proper precautions and training are followed.

​Bottom Line

For people just getting started concealed carrying, pocket carry is not an often advised method and it is certainly not the best. However, if your wardrobe or job requires you to have maximum concealment, or you prefer to carry a sub caliber pistol make sure you get your hands on the best pocket holster you can and practice using it. Someday you just might have to.