The 4 Best Holsters for Walther PPS M2 Guns

best holster for walther pps m2

You may be looking at the multiple options available for concealed carry on the modern market or you may be looking for a back up gun. You might want some with a little more mechanical class than a Glock and with the classic Walther name. One of the compacts looks desirable and you begin to wonder what the best holster for the Walther PPS M2 is. Let's take a look at this pistol and the options for carrying it.

First we will look at the Walther PPS M2 to see what it is capable of and what its limitations are.​

The Walther PPS M2​

The Walther PPS M2 is a compact semi-automatic striker fired pistol. Ranging from 4.4 inches to 5.3 inches tall this compact is about the same size as a Glock 19 depending on the magazine used. The large grip magazine makes the height taller with the flat magazine designed for concealment making the gun the shortest height it can be. For a more comfortable grip the mid to large grip magazines are used to make more of a grip surface for those with large hands. The PPS is just under an inch shorter than the overall length of a G19.

What makes the PPS M2 different than the original model?

The original model had a lever release for the magazine, making it easier to remove a magazine and more ambidexterous friendly. However this did not fit the American market and the lever was replaced with a traditional button release found on most semi-automatics.

Ergonomically designed, the Walther PPS M2 features a variety of handy little details for the modern shooter. It has a red cocking indicator (perfect for dry fire practice), loaded chamber indicator, slide stop, and slide serrations for ease of cocking. It also features a light and smooth trigger with a short travel time for better accuracy and handling of the firearm.

The PPS M2 comes in three standard variations...

The regular one features the base package with standard iron sights. The LE variant comes with three spare magazines and phosphoric sights already mounted. Then there's the last variant which features a laser built in the frame and is know and the M2 Laser. All of them feature the same 3.18 inch barrel, 6.1 pound trigger pull, and polygonal rifled barrels. Their weight is roughly the same with the M2 Laser being .7 ounces heavier from the addition of the laser.

Since this pistol uses a single stack magazine (the bullets are in one row and do not roll against each other in two different rows) it is slim and comfortable. However it has less capacity than a double stack gun. The magazines come in the capacity of 6, 7, and 8 rounds with an additional +1 capacity when a round is already in the chamber.

​Recommended Carry Options

Because of it being a compact or subcompact gun with only an inch in width people might consider it is ideal for ankle carry. However putting too much weight on the ankle can cause damage to your ankle and there are smaller framed guns that would fit this role especially with a proper ankle holster (Most likely a DeSantis ankle holster or a custom leather option). The smaller size of the of the PPS will make it more comfortable for people to conceal carry for those who may not feel comfortable carrying a full sized handgun.

The holster for the PPS requires covering of the trigger guard and a decent retention since it will be primarily carried concealed. Other than this most duty related holster features are not required as the needs for concealed carry are different than open/duty carry.

​The 4 Best Walther PPS M2 Holsters

We'll now look at some of the options for a holster for the PPS M2, look at particular an inside the waistband holster and other belt carry options.

1. CYA Supply Co. Holster IWB Fits: Walther PPS M2 – 9mm

best iwb holster for walther pps appendix

Of this list this is probably the best IWB holster for a Walther PPS. This boltaron holster fits up to 1.5 inch belt and fits the stock PPS. It features a posi-click retention, so you can audibly identify if you secure your pistol in the holster. It also features an adjustable cant and retention.

The CYA holster comes in a wide variety of colors. This holster is good for appendix carry, especially from the completely covered trigger area and lack of paddle. It also features an easy removal method for quick removal and putting on of the holster.

2. MASC OWB Leather Paddle Holster For Walther PPS M2 9mm 3.18” BBL Right/Hand Draw

best owb walther pps m2 holster

This Walther PPS M2 leather holster is a paddle holster that is designed for outside the waist band carry and is made of high grade leather. It is definitely not an appendix holster because of the large paddle. The paddle is polymer and allows for vertical or horizontal carry, although complete horizontal carry indicates small of back carry which should be avoided, in addition to other cants.

Hand molded to the gun, the holster has the right amount of retention (which is adjustable) for concealed carry. It also features a complete covering of the trigger and trigger guard. This is the best OWB Walther PPS M2 holster on this list. It is open topped and rests at a high concealment position.

3. DeSantis Speed Scabbard Holster fits Walther PPS

walther pps m2 leather holster

The Desantis Speed holster is made out of leather. It unfortunately does not cover all the trigger guard. It does however feature adjustable retention and it fits 1 ¾ inch belts. This OWB is not as secure as the other, the stitching seems a bit weaker. But if you're looking for a leather holster this one will work sufficiently.

4. Tulster IWB Profile Holster for the Walther PPS M2 9mm/.40 - Right Hand

Tulster Profile inside waistband holster

This Tulster holster features an easy on and off clip. It doesn't cover the entire trigger guard which is why it is lower on the list than the others, otherwise being a good design despite that feature. The Tulster Profile features adjustable retention and a variety of colors that it comes in. It also features an adjustable cant and posi-locking click.

​Bottom Line

The Walther PPS M2 is a quality compact handgun. It comes in one of the most affordable ammunition for defense and practice. It is striker fired which simplifies the design and possible problems. The PPS M2 might not be good for an ankle carry back up gun but as a concealed carry pistol it is a good alternative to Glock, especially if you are an experienced shooter. Walther makes a better stock pistol that doesn't require a lot of parts swapping to get it to the sweet spot like a lot of Glock pistols. Improved trigger, sights, not as extensive aftermarket for parts and magazines, but an all together quality pistol.

The best of these holster would be the CYA holster on the list, but there are other options, whether custom or stock boutique items from dedicated firearms sites.

Overall Best Holster for the Walther PPS M2 is...

Shopping from specialized sites makes it easier to find higher quality items for your pistol, but that requires more personal research. Once you get the hang of knowing where to look you can find better options, while finding the most affordable working option. Please also note that the holsters featured do not have the option of carry with a laser model, so research on option that do is required

The problem with the PPS is that people will think that they can carry it where they probably shouldn't, specifically ankle carry. Too much weight on the ankle can damage the ankle, and since concealed carry is about self protection, inadvertently causing damage to your self is counter intuitive. Lighter pistols are more design for ankle carry since they don't put as much weight on the weak hinge that is the ankle.

There are certainly worse options to carry than a Walther PPS M2, especially with it's more American style button magazine release. Walther listens to its customers and has put out a quality option that is worth the money. So if you want a less involved pistol purchase, with less to change about the pistol, the Walther PPS is the way to go. It offers the basic upgrades that are commonly put onto the standard Glock models without the need of having to find and swap those parts. For roughly the same price you get a pistol that doesn't need the upgrades as a pistol with upgrades, or slightly less. For cost efficiency, the PPS M2 is a better base model to purchase.

Hopefully, if you are interested in concealed carry you will choose a quality option to carry. You can find it in the PPS and hopefully the list in this article has given you an idea of the best holster for the Walther PPS M2 so that you can make an informed decision for providing for your personal protection without making a costly mistake.