The 5 Best Holsters for Ruger LCP (IWB, Ankle, Wallet & Pocket)

best holster for ruger lcp

The Ruger LCP has become one of the most popular small framed single stack polymer pistol markets. Partially because of its low entry price, and partially because it comes from a very respected firearms manufacturer in a form factor that is extremely attractive.

Carrying this pistol, the sole purpose behind its design and function, is also an extremely attractive proposition. Lightweight, slim, and easy to conceal this pistol is a great backup pistol or deep concealment gun. There are a ton of different holsters on the market, from shoot through wallet holsters to traditional inside the waistband kydex holsters.

The key is to make sure you get the best holster for Ruger LCP handguns. Let's take a look at how to make sure you're not buying the wrong one.​

Carry Methods for a Small Gun​

Depending on your training experience, you may have strong opinions on where to carry such a small gun like the Ruger LCP. This gun is going to be conceal carried a lot, often in pockets and off body carry rigs. This can be good or bad depending on how you carry it, but once safety concerns are addressed a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

The Ruger LCP is a prime candidate as a backup gun, and carrying it in a pocket where you won’t be able to draw it as quickly is perfectly acceptable in this role. As a primary pistol, the Ruger LCP is slightly anemic and hard to shoot. It’s not a beginners gun, although many people buy it as such.

If you are just getting started in conceal carry with a Ruger LCP, buy several different holsters and figure out where you want to carry it. Holsters for this gun are very common and easy to find, on top of being very cheap. Scour online reviews for Ruger LCP .380 holsters and make sure you get a decent holster to experiment in different locations with.

The 5 Best Ruger LCP Holsters​

Here are five of the best holsters on the market for the Ruger LCP in each category.

1. CYA Supply Co. IWB for Ruger LCP 380 Auto

ruger lcp iwb kydex holster

Ruger LCP IWB Kydex Holster

The Ruger LCP is an extremely lightweight and slim gun. Many people decide to pocket carry this firearm but if you are wearing an outfit with no pockets or want to carry in the same manner as your other, larger guns, look at this model from CYA Supply Co.

CYA supply Co. is a 100% veteran owned company that manufactures all their holsters in the United States. This holster is a high-quality kydex design that fully covers the trigger guard and barrel of your Ruger LCP but removes much of the weight and bulk associated with traditional kydex holsters.

The plastic clip is comfortable and plenty strong to hold your holster to your belt as you draw. The plastic clip also won’t destroy your clothing, scratch furniture or your car. The Posi click adjustable retention lock system works well so that you can tailor the retention of the holster to your specific draw and the included full length sweat guard makes carrying this tiny gun even more comfortable.

Well worth the money this holster comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and no questions asked return policy with a lifetime warranty.

2. Ruger LCP Pocket Holster

best pocket holster for ruger lcp

​Best Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP

Front pocket carry with a Ruger LCP is a controversial subject. Many people are either totally for, or totally against pocket carry. The simple fact is, pocket carry is perfectly safe if you have a dedicated pocket along with a specialized pocket carry holster. Shooter holsters aside, pocket carry holsters need to be designed in a way that you can shed the holster inside your pocket during your draw stroke.

This model does exactly that while still being inexpensive enough to justify the price for a backup gun or a pistol like a Ruger LCP 380. It’s also made from kydex for extreme durability and ruggedness and as a byproduct will require no maintenance and also be extremely thin inside your pocket.

The edges of this product been deburred so it doesn’t dig into your skin as you walk around throughout the day and you can comfortably conceal a Ruger LCP 380 in this pocket holster without much difficulty in a T-shirt and gym shorts.

3. Talon Concealed Carry Wallet

ruger lcp wallet holster

​Ruger LCP Wallet Holster

A wallet holster is a very important safety item for pocket carry. If you’re going to carry inside a pocket you must have a holster. This is a great Ruger LCP shooter wallet holster that allows you access to the trigger guard while still having the holster attached, but safeguards it from being fired into your pocket.

Many people will argue for or against these types of holsters. As long as the gun is encased inside the holster, and nothing else is inside the pocket that you are carrying the gun in, you shouldn’t have any problems. Where you’ll run into problems and safety violations is if you decide to keep the gun inside the shooter holster, with other items in your pocket like your phone or wallet.

This is a high-quality shooter wallet holster that holds the gun securely and safely in premium steer hide leather. The stitching quality of this holster makes it well worth the price and it adds minimal weight in bulk to the firearm once it’s in your pocket.

Shooting with one of these holsters takes some getting used to but if you take it to the range a few times and practice drawing with an empty gun at home, you shouldn’t have any problems reaching a survival level of proficiency with this equipment. As a backup gun or introduction concealed carry piece, there just isn’t a better option for the money than a Ruger LCP with a wallet holster.

4. Galco Ankle Lite/Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP

best ankle holster for ruger lcp

​Best Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP

Ankle holsters are right for everyone. They take special training to be able to draw from and re-holster and they are often a bad idea for people who are active. Your ankle is the part of your body that moves the most as you walk around, and it creates an excellent lever to throw your gun across the room if you’re not careful. Make sure you buy a quality holster!

When it comes especially to holsters like shoulder holsters or ankle holsters, there’s no company better than Galco. They make the finest production quality holsters in the world and when you need a holster that is going to last you a long time and is comfortable while you’re using it there’s no other choice.

This intercut steer hide ankle light is one of the best ankle holsters for the Ruger LCP. It combines a suede leather steer hide with genuine sheepskin to be extremely comfortable wrapped around your ankle. A thumb snap or tension along with heavy-duty velcro adds to the comfort and protection for you and your firearm.

Available in both left and right-hand configurations this is as good as it gets for consumer quality ankle holsters. Don’t be fooled by other neoprene and velcro designs, they’ll stretch out and aren’t worth the money. Spend the extra to get the Galco and you’ll understand why they're such a sought-after brand.

5. Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP & LCP II (with Mounted Underbarrel Laser)

ruger lcp 380 with laser holster

​Best Ruger LCP 380 with Laser Holster

The Ruger LCP 380 gets paired well with the laser. Most small guns can be difficult to shoot with high-powered ammunition and the Ruger LCP is no different. Coming in at a very lightweight and small form factor the Ruger LCP 380 is not known for its excellent sights.

However, the addition of a laser to the pistol can make it difficult to find holsters. Your best bet for this tiny gun is to find a pocket holster like this model from federal. It amounts to a high-quality nylon sleeve that completely surrounds your firearm and is designed to be shed inside your pocket as you draw.

The holster is lightly padded and soft sided so that it doesn’t cause too much bulk inside your pocket and flexes with you as you move. The diamond pattern creates the right amount of friction against the inside of your pocket so that the gun comes out easily and the closed bottom prevents pocket lint from clogging up the aperture of your laser.

If you look at other options and can’t seem to find the best Ruger LCP 380 with laser holster look at this model; if for no other reason than the price. It's extremely cost-effective and high-quality and provides a way to safely carry your gun with no fuss.

​Bottom Line

If you bought your first gun, and it happens to be a Ruger LCP seriously consider one of the holsters on this list for your first concealed carry. The Ruger LCP is a great first gun for someone just being introduced to firearms, and although chambered in a sub caliber it can be a great backup gun and a jumping off point for something larger.

Whichever type of holster you choose to carry your Ruger LCP and make sure you practice safely drawing and using it. It’s not enough to have all the best gear in the world if you don't have it when you need it. Your life may just depend on it!