The 5 Best Holsters for Running & Working Out

best holster for running

It’s always best to have a gun on you when you need it. However, if that time comes when you’re out for a jog and you didn’t have the right holster you may be out of luck. Learning self defence is important and one of the best things to do is to get the best holster for running that you can and learn to use it properly.

Retention & Comfort

If you’re going to run regularly with your gun you’re going to need to balance comfort with retention. The bouncing motion of running is going to be jarring for any concealed carry method. Maximum retention is going to be the name of the game when it comes to being able to successfully concealed carry while running or jogging.

However, holsters with active locking mechanisms rarely are comfortable to wear in running attire. The solution here is to balance retention and comfort so that you have a usable system when you want to work out or go for a jog. Look for holsters that completely enclose the firearm and need a velcro or thumb strap to get to.

Also look for very secure adjustable retention systems like on Kydex holsters with screws. Cranking the screw down is going to make it difficult to draw but is also going to make it difficult for the pistol to fall out. If you can, get use to holding on to the holster when you draw if you are going to ever wear a belt when you conceal carry.

Jobs like nurses or personal trainers where it's rare to wear a belt may end up using their running holster all the time. See if you can train a method to draw your gun that is similar to all your holsters no matter what you’re doing.

The 5 Best Holsters for Running & Working Out​

Whether you like to run or train at the gym you should find a perfectly good holster for your situation listed here.​

1. Techna Clip – Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380

concealed carry jogging holsters

​The Best Concealed Carry Jogging Holster

The hardest part about running with a gun is having to wear a belt or other holster solution to keep your gun from falling out of your waistband or out of the holster. The Technical Clips solve this by limiting the holster and manufacturing clips made specifically to attach to the gun.

By adding a clip to the gun the trees out far enough to get a secure hold on your waistband you don’t need to wear a belt. Especially considering the firearms designed with this holster system in mind are small J frame revolvers and lightweight single stack polymer frame guns.

It is a stainless steel clip formed to fit a select few types of firearms. The great thing about this clip is that stainless steel and manufactured to be compatible with a single firearm. This creates a custom fit that comes with a lifetime guarantee that thousands of people have taken advantage of. There were reportedly 130,000 Technical Clips in circulation.

Small refinements like being completely snag free, and Teflon coated, set this particular product apart from others and make it an extremely useful piece of equipment. If you’re looking for the smallest and lightest concealed carry method on the market, and one of the best holsters for running or jogging, this is hard to beat.

2. Pistol Wear Pt-2 Concealment Holster

pt-2 concealment holster

Best Holster for Working Out​

this may seem like an odd holster at first sight but is extraordinarily useful. Unlike many other belly band holsters that amount to little more than a thin strip of neoprene sits together this is a hard use holster made for everyday carry in an active environment.

Essentially, this is a neoprene pouch attached to a neoprene belt that wraps around your torso and can be worn inside or outside the waistband. The large pouch completely encloses your firearm in a secured manner with Velcro. It is made of Pistol Wear and it is excellent.

Unlike other belly been holsters this holster cannot bounce around when properly worn and adjusted. The perspiration bearer and breathable belt allow heat and sweat to be vented away and the ambidextrous design will accommodate both semi-autos and small revolvers up to 7.5 inches in overall length.

While it may be more expensive than other belly band holsters, this is a steal for what you’re actually getting. Used today in and day out for all sorts of activities like hiking, running, and biking this holster stands up well to the test of time and is used by thousands of people when they can’t wear a belt but want to carry a gun.

If you’re looking for the best belly band holster or a great holster for running the PT-2 concealment holster is very tough to beat.

3. Concealment Express

women's gun holster for running

The Best Women's Gun Holster​ for Running

Most women don’t obsess over holsters. Some do, but the vast majority just want a holster that is going to work. If that’s the case, the best women’s gun holster for running is going to be a simple lightweight Kydex holster.

This model of concealment express is one of the best Kydex holsters on the market and also is great for working out. Women often wear formfitting clothing that will support the weight of a lightweight polymer gun without any issues.

This holster is as minimalist as it gets combining thin but supportive Kydex with a plastic clip and a single Phillips head screw for retention adjustment. The great thing about Kydex holsters is they don’t require any maintenance and they are virtually indestructible.

These qualities make them great for a holster that is going to see a lot of hard use and sweat inside a weight room or on a running track. The sturdy plastic clip is going to blend in well and not chew up any clothing or scratch furniture or your skin.

This holster is one of the percents handmade in the United States and carries an unconditional lifetime warranty. You won’t be disappointed with this holster for working out or just general concealed carry.

4. Q-Series IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster

minimalist holster for runners

Best Minimalist Holster for Running​

The evolution of clip holsters is here. In the past, a simple piece of fold-over Kydex that wrapped around the trigger guard that secured to your belt with a length of cord was seen as the most effective and minimalist holster method a person could get.

The evolution of that idea is the Q-Series inside the waistband minimalist concealed carry stealth holster. This is an injection molded plastic holster adjustable for retention that wraps around the trigger guard of your gun and has a built-in clip for your waistband.

The left and right handed clip easily slides over belts and grabs onto elastic clothing found on many works out pants. When not wearing a belt, the clip snaps over the waistband of the pants and the holster stays secured and in place while drawing.

The entire holster is exceptionally lightweight and devoid of any extra bulk. It squares off the negative space underneath the barrel of your gun and is extremely comfortable against your skin. The only downside to this holster is that it does not support the weight of your gun or distributed along your waistband like a traditional holster would.

Therefore, it works best with lighter and more compact guns and with an elastic waistband or belted pants. Don’t let those limitations stop you from trying out one of these excellent holsters. They are priced well below what many Kydex holsters are sold for and are available right away. No long waits for custom production.

5. Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System

running shoulder holster

Best Shoulder Holster for Running​

the biggest challenge for running with a concealed carry firearm is not having a belt on. Many people choose to work out in shorts without belt loops or yoga pants and concealing a firearm with this wardrobe is exceptionally difficult.

A good answer is a comfortable shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters take some time to get used to, but once you train up and get one properly adjusted there’s nothing like it for concealed carry with shorts or while exercising. Very few shoulder holsters on the market are worth the money but the Galco classic lite shoulder holster system is easily worth double what they charge.

The holster is made from premium center cut steer hide with independently pivoting straps. What this means, is you get an exceptionally supple and comfortable holster right out of the box that will move with your body as you run, workout, or sit. The comfortable medium with harness is bound together with plastic heavy-duty hardware that swivels and bends as you move.

If you’re going to wear this holster often, the suede leather will degrade faster if you don’t make an effort to dry it out and condition the leather, otherwise it is one of the best shoulder holsters for running. Other models won’t be as supple out of the box and will take time to break in or just will be plainly uncomfortable against your skin as you work out.

When there’s no other option, a shoulder holster is excellent for running and there’s none better than any of the models from Galco.

​Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best holster for concealed carry in running shorts or yoga pants, there’s never been a better time to buy. Currently, on the market, there are dozens of holsters that will suit your needs, but you can’t go wrong with the five on this list. The most important thing is getting a holster that you are comfortable with and having your gun on you. If you run often enough through odd areas of town you just might need it one day.