The 5 Best Small Of Back Holsters (Top SOB Holster Reviews)

Best small of back holster

In almost every action movie ever made there was someone who carries their gun in the small of back. It was always the place where people stashed guns that were unexpected. These holsters may have fallen out of favor but for those still interested there is still a best small of back holster out there for concealed carry. Here are the best five and a few tips to keep you safe if you plan on carrying in the small of back position.

Special Considerations for SOB Holsters

Small of back concealed carry holsters have fallen out of fashion in recent years. Partially because it’s impossible to make a comfortable small back holster from kydex and partially because people are becoming more aware that this is the most dangerous carry method.

Not that you might shoot yourself, the number one method to shoot yourself with is still with appendix holsters, but the fact that your gun can act as a lever to snap your spine when you carry directly in the small of your back. Many police officers have been disabled in the line of duty when they trip and fall, or are shoved and fall on to the back where a radio, pouch or their gun has acted as a lever and snapped their spine under their own weight.

This is no joke. If you are going to carry the small of your back you must be absolutely sure that you offset your gun far enough that is not directly behind your spine. It’s not common that adults randomly fall on their back but in a violent confrontation, it is. Placing your gun directly behind your spine is a very dangerous choice that will eventually lead to injury.

The best options to carry in another position, if you are dead set on carrying SOB, is to offset the gun enough that anyway you fall on it - it will not come in contact with your spine. This cannot be stressed enough. Make sure it is away from your spine the entire time you are carrying it. Otherwise, a simple trip down the stairs can lead to you never walking again!

The 5 Best Small of Back Holsters​

1. Galco SOB Small In Back Holster for Glock

galco small of back holster

​Best Galco Small of Back Holster

Few companies on earth can match the production quality of the Galco holster. Available off the shelf they're some of the finest leather holsters money can buy and this small back holster for Glock pistols is an excellent example why.

Every durable part of this holster is double reinforced from the single belt loop, that features double stitching, with the double stitched opening of the holster. The adjustable retention works extremely well and the entire holster has been built to reliably hold in your firearm while carried in small of back position.

This holster is one of the best SOB holsters on the market and will serve you well. It is available in left or right-handed orientations and black or tan colors. While it is slightly on the expensive side once you get the holster in hand you’ll immediately see why it is priced high and the extreme care and quality that went into manufacturing it.

2. DeSantis S&W Shield Sof-Tuck Holster

desantis small of back holster

Best DeSantis Small of Back Holster for S&W Shield​

DeSantis makes a ton of different holsters for different means, most notably leather holsters for everything from cowboy action shooting to serious concealed carry. This is one of their serious concealed carry inside the waistband holsters that works great doesn’t inside the waistband small back holster.

Many people want to carry small of back but have trouble finding a decent holster. This will give you the correct holster to use in the small of back while still having an effective draw. Kydex holsters can chafe you badly and be extraordinarily uncomfortable while sitting with a small of back holster, but old-school leather designs like this one from DeSantis are perfectly fine.

You still need to slightly offset the pistol from your spine and make sure that you are following all safety precautions while drawing and firing but this is one of the best inside the waistband small of back holsters money can buy. Made from center cut steer hide leather this holster is doubled up in critical areas in double stitched throughout to make sure that it will last a lifetime.

It is leather so you'll have to make sure that you keep it clean and dry, and condition it every once in a while otherwise your gun may rust out on you. Other than a little maintenance here and there this is an exceptional holster that is well worth the money and will serve you well as a small of back holster inside the pants.

3. Pro-tech's in the Pants Small of the Back Holster

iwb sob holster

Best IWB SOB Holster​

Inside the waistband small of back holsters aren’t as common as they once were. However, that doesn’t mean they aren't useful. Under the right circumstances, someone who would normally carry in another location might find the necessity for an inside the waistband SoB holster. In that case, your options are slim but Pro-Tech does an excellent job of providing a viable holster.

This holster mounts a little more than a nylon sheath with a metal belt clip to keep your gun in. It protects your gun from outside objects causing a negligent discharge by covering the trigger guard but offers little in the way of retention. If you’re going to use a holster like this make sure you wear a sturdy belt and keep it wrapped tight around the body of the gun. That will help keep the gun in without adding an extra step to disengage to draw your gun.

Double stitched with bonded nylon this holster is unlikely to come apart on you and the strong metal clip will do the job of holding the holster in place when you draw. The holster is fully ambidextrous and is an excellent option for the money. Inside the waistband, small of back holsters are a bit of a rarity so this holster is certainly a niche item that does its job well and won’t leave you stranded.

4. C.O.W.S Leather 4-Position Holster 1911s Models Right Hand

1911 SOB Holster

Best 1911 SOB Holster​

There a ton of options out there for 1911’s carried in small back. However, concealing a full-sized all steel 1911 is no easy feat. Regardless of where you carry it, you have to get over the gun severe heft in order to effectively carry it.

This holster does that by allowing you different positions you can comfortably use. Arguably the best is parallel with the beltline and the small of back with the grip of the gun facing upward. Not only does this provide plenty of protection for your spine, it also provides for a natural draw stroke that can be easily trained on.

Each of the four positions can be used via a mounted swiveling belt clip. The clip accommodates up to a 1.75” belt and is low-profile enough you’ll have to worry about it damaging your clothing, furniture or car’s paint job.

The high-quality leather combined with the thumb break retention will protect your firearms finish and keep it in this holster. It's available in black and brown for left and right-hand shooters.

5. G&G Back Holster

leather sob holster

Best Leather Small of Back Holster​

Simple and effective this small back holster by G&G is an exceptionally high-quality holster option for someone who wants the best leather holster in the world. This holster is made for multiple different firearms and can be had in different colors, black and brown.

It incorporates adjustable retention on a leather holster. The single belt loop design can make retaining your firearm during heavy activity difficult but the adjustable retention helps with this by actively grabbing onto the trigger guard of your firearm. It works extremely well in practice.

The single belt loop is double reinforced with two pieces of leather and 2 rows of stitching to make sure the holster will last a lifetime. An additional layer of leather is added around the mouth of the holster to hold it open for easy reupholstering.

You can carry your gun in this holster day in and day out for years with minimal conditioning on this excellent quality leather without worry. The suede lining will protect your gun’s finish and the holster should never let your gun loose by accident. If you don’t mind paying for the best this holster will serve you extremely well as one of the best leather small of back holsters on the market.

​Bottom Line

If done right, small of back holsters can be used safely and effectively and arm citizens to conceal carry. The vast majority of people are better off with another method but if you have the best small of back holster you can get your hands on and you know where to position it you’ll be better off than not having your gun at all.

Just make sure you get a good holster and you know what you’re doing when the time comes to safely draw and fire your weapon. Otherwise, you’re just going to be in danger the entire time you have it on you, and even worse when you go to draw and fire it.