Finding the Best IWB Holster for Glock 26 Pistols [OUR TOP 5]

The Glock 26 is easily concealable, light and compact enough for EDC (Every Day Carry) and offers serious firepower with ten rounds of 9mm. The Glock 26 retails from about $500 to $600. An IWB (Internal Waist Band) holster is an ideal companion for an easily concealable Glock 26. This article will discuss the best IWB holster for Glock 26 handguns.

The Glock 26​

Glock pistols are the standard issue sidearms for the NYPD, (New York Police Department) PPD (Philadelphia Police Department) BPD (Baltimore Police Department), FBI, (Federal Bureau of Investigation) DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) and USMS (United States Marshall’s Service).

The Glock 26, aka the G26, aka the Baby Glock, is a fourth generation, lightweight, compact 9mm handgun by Glock. Fourth generation Glocks share common improvements: modular back straps which increase the trigger distance by .08 inches each, an enlarged mag release button, a dual recoil spring assembly designed to reduce perceived recoil, and a textured frame for better grip.

The Glock 26 is available with a standard 10- round magazine, or optional 15, 17 or 33 round mags. It is a favorite for concealed carry by armed civilians and off duty police officers.

​What to Look For When Choosing an IWB Holster for the Glock 26

IWB holsters are intended for concealed carry, and hold a firearm snugly inside the pants at the waistband. An IWB holster must clip on to your waistband securely enough so that the holster stays in place when the gun is drawn.

Your waist must be slim enough and/or your pants a size larger to accommodate your Glock 26 in a holster. To maintain concealment, a jacket or untucked shirt will be pulled in place over the holstered gun.

One of those small details you may not notice until you carry concealed include your shirt riding up, flashing your gun if you reach overhead for something, or placement of your keys on a carabiner clipped to your belt loop, so you don’t flash when you reach for your keys.

Comfort when sitting in a car wearing a seatbelt is also a consideration.

Wearing the gun around the house or at the range before using it for EDC will reveal potential problems.

A good IWB holster will hold your Glock 26 without printing or flashing, cover the trigger and trigger guard to prevent accidental discharge, offer a suitable level of retention, and be of high quality construction to provide years of service.

Other things to keep in mind when wearing an IWB holster is positioning. IWB holsters are typically intended for carry at the three o’clock position, though they can also be worn as an appendix holster or for small of the back carry. Below, I will discuss options for the best IWB tuckable holster for the Glock 26.

The 5 Top IWB Holsters for the Glock 26

Here are five of the top rated IWB holsters:

1. Blade Tech Industries Klipt IWB Holster

glock 26 holster appendix carry

This is a simple but rugged 3.2 oz., black, one-piece molded Kydex Level III Retention holster with a single, non-adjustable clip. It has been designed for fitting belts up to 1.75 inches wide.

The holster covers the trigger and trigger guard, and there will be an audible "click" when the gun is properly inserted into the holster and locked in place. It can be worn either Appendix carry, or in the Three O'clock position.​

2. Lirisy IWB Holster

glock 26 iwb holster with thumb break

If you're looking for a Glock 26 IWB holster with a thumb break, this would be a good choice. This is a 2.1 oz. black neoprene and nylon, Level II Retention holster. It also comes with one non-adjustable, double stitched and riveted clip.

The holster covers the trigger and trigger guard and will flex to mold to your hip. This is a minimalist, well-constructed, nice holster for the price. It's designed for a variety of handguns including the Glock 26.​

3. Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

best iwb tuckable holster for glock 26

This is a 16 oz. adjustable two clip, neoprene backed, spring steel and ballistic nylon core, Kydex holster, available in Right and Left -handed models. The cant and Level III retention are also adjustable with Allen-screws.

The holster covers the trigger and trigger guard. Anyone who has used the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster will tell you that one of the best things about it is the fact that the retention, cant, and ride height can all be adjusted with an Allen wrench.​

Alien Gear make great holsters and the Cloak Tuck 3.0 is probably THE best holster for the Glock 26.​

4. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

concealment express holster

This is a 2.5 oz. black Kydex one clip, adjustable IWB holster, with adjustable cant. It has a sweat shield, Level III Retention, with the "posi-lock audbile click retention system", which let you know your Glock 26 is securely locked in place.

The trigger and trigger guard are completely covered. It can be used for IWB carry at the Three O'clock position, Appendix carry, or Small of the Back carry. The Concealment Express IWB Kydex is the ideal companion for your Glock 26.​

5. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

cya supply co. holster

The CYA Supply Co. IWB is 8 oz. and a level I Retention Boltaron holster. It's available in four colors: black, carbon fiber, flat dark earth, and teal blue.

The holster has adjustable retention and an adjustable single clip. The holster covers the trigger and trigger guard.​


Having a concealed firearm on your person at all times is something more and more Americans are choosing. There are threats today that were not as pronounced 20 years ago in the form of psychopathic Radical Islamic terrorists and deranged individuals intent on carrying out school and workplace shootings.

Our UK friends have suffered horrific Radical Islamic terrorist attacks in the past four months. The British government has enacted a program telling their citizens that in the event of a terrorist attack, they should: 1) Run. 2) Hide. 3) Tell. Run away, hide, and call the police? This sounds more like how a third grader should deal with a bully, not how adults should deal with a terrorist or active shooter.

You do not have to be a bleating sheep that will be dependent on a police response in minutes when seconds count. You have the right to defend yourself, your family and innocent bystanders, as an armed civilian, or off duty LEO. A Glock 26 in an IWB holster will give you some options if they are ever needed.

If it had to be narrowed down to only one, then the best IWB holster for the Glock 26 would have to be the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0. This is one of the most popular holsters on the market today.

Stay Safe


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About the Author:

David A. Porter is a Republican, Second Amendment advocate, and conservative academic, (there are a few of us) who has taught psychology and criminology for 21 years. He is also a licensed clinician who provides substance abuse and anger mgmt. treatment for the Vermont Dept. of Corrections, and has written over 145 scholarly articles on psychology, neuroscience, substance abuse, criminals, crime victims, politics, and guns. He is the co-author of Gun Control: The Maligned Second Amendment.