Choosing the Best Glock 20 Holster [OUR TOP 4]

best glock 20 holster

Some people may be looking for a defensive firearm for trips out into the woods or one pistol for use as a woods gun and a concealed/partially concealed option and are wondering what is a good option. They may have also found that the Glock 20 is recommended or use in the woods and may be wondering what is the best Glock 20 holster. Let us look at what is out there for the Glock 20.

The Best Glock 20 Holsters on the Market​

About the Glock 20​

The Glock 20 is a double action only, semi automatic pistol chambered in 10mm Automatic. The Glock 20 is 8.22 inches overall and 1.27 inches wide, putting it just slightly larger than a G17 in order to deal with the 10mm higher pressures and longer case length. Designed to reduce felt recoil, the Glock 20 was introduced in 1991 and set Glock up to be ahead of the curve in the .40 S&W semi auto market.

The Glock 20 holds a powerful round almost on par with most revolver rounds but without the capacity restriction of 6 rounds, holding almost triple the amount with a standard 15 round magazine. To fully understand the ability and purpose of the Glock 20, we will take a look at the 10mm Auto.

The 10mm was first introduced in 1983 with the goal of a flatter trajectory and better range than the current .45 Auto and an attempt to provide better damage out put compared to 9mm. Some manufactures offer a lower powered FBI load to help mitigate the “wrist breaking” power of the 10mm.

But versatility of the 10mm lies in its energy lying in between .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum while maintain better velocity at 100 yards compared to .45 Auto. 10mm tops out velocity at 1,600 feet per second with a 135 grain projectile, since it is a high velocity round it is one of the few rimless semi auto cartridges legally usable for hunting white tailed deer in several U.S states.

Choosing a Holster for the Glock 20​

Because of how well it performs, from a velocity stand point, the 10mm Auto is a suitable choice for a defensive round on the trail, especially for animals. This makes the Glock 20 ideal for hiking. But what should one look for in a Glock 20 holster for hiking?

For the most part good hiking rigs are more aimed at carry across the chest. This is primarily to avoid the gun being caught on a variety of woodland shrubbery. This is specifically if you are trekking through non blazed or well traveled trails. Even then trails can become overgrown and cause a large number of snag hazards for your pistol.

Chest rigs or chest holders are the predominate choice for hiking holsters. The reason for this is they keep the pistol on your center line and away from your hips and sides, which can be very handy when you are either in a vehicle or riding an ATV or a horse. Things are less likely to catch the pistol on your chest unless you are crawling or otherwise traveling through very dense foliage.

Because of the increase in snag hazards while hiking extra retention is a necessary consideration. What should not be considered are shoulder holsters, especially while hiking because our natural instinct is to try and land on our sides and that could cause the holster and pistol to be smashed against the ribs and possibly fracture them. With the pistol oriented over your chest this is less likely to happen and it keeps it easily accessible and can be worn over your hiking or other gear.

Top 4 Glock 20 Holsters​

Let us now look at some of the best holster options for the Glock 20 Gen 4 on the market today.

1. Hill People Gear Recon Kit Bag

glock 20 holster for hiking

The Hill People Gear recon kit bag is probably your best option for hiking and other trail work. It fits a variety of guns within the concealed carry compartment and has room for other things as well.

The 3 rows and 8 channels of PALS grid allows for additional add-ons for the bag that will be situated across your chest. It can be worn with a backpack and will completely cover the firearm while still allowing easy access especially with practice.

The pros for this is that you won't be viewed as some wacko in the woods as you come up to people with a visible gun strapped to your chest. It comes in a variety of colors and the durability and versatility warrant the $100+ price tag.

2. Diamond D Guides Choice Chest Holster for the Glock 20

leather chest holster for glock 20

The Diamond D Leather holster offers a more traditional guide style leather holster for out on the trail carry. They offer a variety of customizable options for your holster needs.

This particular model has a small retention strap to add more security for weapon retention in the wilds. Other options can have a full coverage flap and means to carry extra ammunition. It is fully adjustable for maximum comfort. While it is leather, the Diamond D brand offers a high quality and durable option for those who just don't like the newer production materials.

It will have to be maintained, but if you are already dealing with caring for your own saddles and other riding equipment you are definitely equipped to maintain this holster. It's price nears $200 but as a semi custom item, combined with the quality of materials the price is about normal.

3. Glock 20 Kenai Chest Holster R/H

glock 20 kydex holster

This Kenai brand Glock 20 kydex holster offers a high amount of adjustability and a decent amount of retention. The firearm can be easily and comfortably drawn from the holster, and the holster can be situated to ride higher or lower on the chest.

The buckle setup is great as it avoids irritating rubbing and are designed to be worn with a backpack. It is recommended to rubber band or tape any slack that may be left for the straps so that it can eventually be worn over bulkier clothing or winter gear.

There are some reports that the kydex has cracked during use, but this may have been a a rare occurrence and others felt that the high price tag was not worth the quality they got. This has many positive reviews especially regarding comfort to wear, including it being comfortable to wear shirtless without any rubbing or irritation. Kenai also offers more custom options for more heavily modified Glock 20s and other types of pistols.

4. RCS Raven Concealment System Vanguard 2 VG2 Advanced Kit with Tuckable Soft Loops, for Glock Gen 3 & 4 models, Black, Ambidexterous.

glock 20 iwb holster

The Vanguard 2 fits almost all of Glock's pistols except their 42 and 43 models. It serves as a quality, affordable and versatile option for a Glock 20 IWB holster or any of your other Glocks that it will fit. This means you don't have to purchase multiple firearm specific holsters for your stock Glock.

The loops ensure a secure draw when deploying the firearm from concealment. The minimalist design is a plus if you do not want to deal with large amounts of kydex or bulk in your holster in addition to the firearm.

All of these holsters offer quality coverage for the trigger guard, making it even less likely for the firearm to accidentally be fired. The Kenai may not be the best option for very heavy amounts of wear in the woods and back country areas but it is a quality option.

Most of these holsters do not fit a gun with a light attached except as a custom option, barring the Hill People Gear recon kit bag. This is something to consider paying extra for especially if you are going to be hiking, camping, etc. overnight.

Final Thoughts​

The Glock 20 is a very handy defensive tool. With it being only slightly larger than the G17, the G20 is a good size for concealed carry. This combined with its effectiveness on animals, and its legal use against animals makes it perfect to take on hikes and other wilderness adventures. It doesn't have the drawbacks of a revolver, and has a decent sized capacity just in case six shots are not enough to stop a threat from an animal or pack of animals.

With the Glock 20 being DAO it will provide a consistent trigger pull, meaning you can spend more time practicing recoil mitigation. It may not be fun to shoot all day but the velocity gains and specialty loads make it indispensable on the trail or hunting expeditions.

If you are heavily invested in 10mm Auto already the Glock 20 is a versatile and upgradeable next option to add to your armory since it can double as a concealed carry pistol with all the aftermarket support structure that comes with owning a Glock.

The Glock 20 is not ideal as a concealed carried 9mm is for self defense but it is a completely viable option. If you already have a lot of trigger time with 10mm or live in an area where you can only have a select number of handguns on your carry permit, the Glock 20 fills multiple roles to get the most out of your permit.

Hopefully this article has helped you in your search for the best Glock 20 holster and informed you of some of the capabilities and attributes of the G20 as well, especially for carry out and about in the woods