The 4 Best Tuckable IWB Holsters [REVIEWS]

It doesn't take long after you start carrying a gun around to find that guns can be heavy and uncomfortable, especially the larger ones. Add to this the requirement for concealing your firearm. IWB holsters are great for concealment, but not all are designed well for those who need to (or just prefer) to have their shirt tucked in their pants. Finding the best tuckable IWB holster will help those who want their weapon concealed and also have the option of having a shirt tucked or un-tucked.

De Santis Sof-Tuk Holster

tuckable inside the waistband holster

The De Santis Sof-Tuk is one of the most popular tuckable IWB holsters around and with good reason. The main reason being that you are getting a comfortable holster for great value. This is the lowest priced unit out of our favorites and can usually be picked up for around the $20 range.

The Sof-Tuk is a solid holster with a good re-inforced top and is made of a really comfortable suede and some leather.​

However, the most interesting thing about it is the clip. The hook is designed in a way that allows the holster to sit inside the waistband, then come over the pants...with a little hook at the bottom that comes under the belt. So instead of having a large clip coming over the top of the belt (very noticeable) it actually hooks underneath it. This makes it perfect for conceal-ability and tucking your shirt in.

Another great feature of the clip is that you can adjust the cant with it. This can be done using an allen wrench, just adjust to strong side, cross draw, or small of the back, whichever you prefer. 

It should be pointed out that the retention is not that great.​ Don't expect any kind of snap, it's really just retained by friction. The retention isn't perfect, but it's also not that bad considering the price and all the other benefits. Another minor downside is that it doesn't have a full sweat guard which is something many people look for.

Overall, this is one of the best tuckable holsters on the market at a very low price.​

FoxX Holsters Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm & 40 IWB Hybrid Holster

tuckable iwb holster for m&p shield

The Foxx IWB Hybrid Tuckable is another very impressive holster. It's a leather and kydex hybrid that has 5 adjustable options for cant. It comes with a sweat sheild which is really important especially if you're going to be wearing it against the skin.

The overall quality is good and you can tell this holster is well made.Drawing and re-holstering is extremely smooth and easy.​ The straps/clips are quality made and great at retaining on the belt. They may not be as good as the De Santis Sof-Tuk in terms of visibility but they do clip on nicely.

One of the best things about this holster is the retention. The retention is excellent and will hold your pistol and lock it in nice and tightly, while still keeping the drawing smooth.

So if keeping your gun completely hidden is priority stic​k with the Sof-Tuk. If retention, features, and versatility is more important then the Foxx IWB Hybrid is a great choice.

Bianchi Allusion Series 135 Suppression Tuckable IWB Holster Leather

tuckable concealed carry holsters

This hybrid style holster has a leather backing (at the front) and a poly carbonate shell. Essentially its a high-impact plastic shell wrapped in leather. The other side of is made of a foam like padding and is super pliable as well as comfortable.

The Bianchi 135 Suppression is an overall really well made holster. Its got the backing in all the right places and the moisture wicking material is perfect for long days of carry in warm weather to keep the sweat at bay.

The trigger guard is covered and the retention is excellent. Because it's an IWB the retention isn't super tight, however drawing is really easy and smooth and it snaps in and out nicely.

Its an open bottom, slide style holster so you can use a larger gun.

The one thing we're not a big fan of are the plastic c-clips, mainly just because.....they are plastic. Having said that, they are strong and haven't caused any problems, which again attests to how well this holster is made. As a tuckable IWB holster it does a great job of concealing your weapon with the clips making it almost invisible.

CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck Concealed Carry Holster

Best tuckable IWB holster

The SuperTuck is ​CrossBreeds flagship holster. It's designed to carry and disperse the weight of your pistol over a larger part of your body, and at the same time making a lot more comfortable to do so.

It's a hybrid design, with kydex and leather, and has a wide surface area. The best thing about this holster is its tuck-ability. ​It sits inside the waistband and clips on to your pants/belt. Whether you have your shirt out and over the waist or tucked in, the SuperTuck is virtually unnoticeable. The print is also very minimal. This makes it great for concealed carry and is this units number #1 selling point. 

CrossBreed Holsters also offers a 2 week guarantee. You can try it and if you don't like it just send it back and they'll refund the money.​


Tuckable IWB holsters are a great style for anyone wanting to keep their firearm concealed while wearing still having their shirt tucked. All four of these holsters will get this job done well. If we had to pick a winner, we would narrow it down to 2.

The De Santis Sof-Tuk will be the best tuckable IWB holster for the money. It's in-expensive and works well, minus all the bells and whistles. If you've got a big more cash to spend, then we highly recommend the CrossBreed SuperTuck. ​This is the highest quality tuckable holster available and is almost invisible.