What’s the Best Holster for CZ P-01? [ANSWERED]

best holster for cz p01

In this article, I will discuss the best holster for the CZ P-01. The CZ P-01 is a semi-automatic 9mm handgun manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ), a company named for a man who started producing firearms in 1936. The CZ P-01 is a highly reliable firearm used by the Czech National Police. In the US, the CZ P-01 retails from about $575 to $630.

The CZ P-01 has the following specifications: The barrel length is 3.75 in (95.2 mm), the overall gun length is 7.2 in (182.8 mm), overall gun width is 1.38 in (35 mm), height is 5.03 in (127.7 mm), and weight is 29 .1 oz. (824 .9 gms.) (CZ USA, n.d.).

It features a 14- round double stack magazine, rubber handgrip, aluminum frame, non-adjustable sights, a de-cocker, energy transfer prevention bar safety, and matte black finish. As a weapon designed primarily for police and military use, it had to meet rigorous testing standards, including:

· It had to be dry fired 4,000 times.

· De-cocked 3,000 times.

· Taken apart and put back together 1,350 times by the shooter.

· Completely disassembled and reassembled by an armorer/gunsmith 150 times.

· Dropped 1.5 meters (about 5 ft.) on to concrete 54 times (where did they come up with 54 times???)

· Dropped 3 meters (About 10 ft.) [surface type unknown].

· Frozen for 24-hours.

· The gun had to fire after lubricants were removed, and it was submerged in mud or buried in sand.

· The gun had to withstand 15,000 rounds of +P 9mm over its service life. (Testing actually indicated the CZ P-01 could withstand twice as many rounds of standard pressure 9mm).

· Not more than 20 jams per 10,000 rounds (Huntington, 2003).

What to look for when choosing an IWB holster for the CZ P-01

Considerations for choosing the best IWB (Internal Waist Band) holster for the CZ-P01 include:


Yesterday I was running on a park trail in Vermont, and saw two police officers having a civil but very intent conversation with a young man. As I ran by, I saw an obvious outline of a sidearm under his shirt. Someone must have seen it and called the PD. In Vermont, there is no CCW permit required. Anyone over age 21 can carry a handgun, open or concealed without a license. However if you print (the outline of your gun becomes visible through clothing) or flash (reveal your firearm if your clothing rides up), it will alarm the civilians, especially in a park with children.


Your CZ P-01 will not be of any use if you do not have it on your person. A rule for concealed carry is that you carry every day. Your holster must be comfortable enough so that you will not hesitate to wear your firearm.

Smooth draw:

It is doubtful you will get into an Old West style quick draw situation with another armed opponent. Two gun-slinging cowboys facing off and shooting each other is mythical. If you are practicing sound Situational Awareness, and positioning, you will reduce the chance of being taken by surprise, or otherwise being at a disadvantage. Work to give yourself every advantage over the bad guy.

(An in-depth discussion is beyond the scope of this article) However, you may need to present your gun quickly without your gun getting stuck in the holster, or pulling the holstered gun out of your waistband. Struggling to pull out your gun or fumbling with it can also embolden an opponent as you will look incompetent.

Retention level:

“The only way someone should be able to kill you with your own gun is if they pistol whip you after you have emptied it” is a frequent refrain. You do not want to make it easy for a bad guy to take your gun out of the holster, or to lose your gun if you fall, or get into a use of force situation.

The highest level of retention is Level III, in which the holster had an integral locking device to keep your firearm in place.

Level II retention is a holster with a strap to keep your gun in place.

Level I retention relies on friction and gravity.


You need to be able to return the gun to your holster in low light or by feel, especially if you are a LEO, going downward on the Use of Force Continuum, transitioning form your firearm to Taser, OC, or ASP.

Covered trigger guard:

The holster must cover the trigger and trigger guard to prevent an accidental discharge when you draw your gun.

Waistband clip:

The clip must be tight enough, or adjustable with setscrews so that it stays in place, but not so loose, it pulls out when you draw your gun.

Balancing quality with price:

A good holster is an investment. While you want a good value, saving money on the purchase of a holster is not a good value if you have to replace it after a few weeks or months. This is also a pointless consideration if you experience a failure that could be catastrophic in an emergency. (George, 2013; n.a., 2016; Schlueter, 2012).

Types of Holsters

This article will focus on the IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster for concealed carry of the CZ P-01 at the Three o’clock position, vs. CZ P-01 OWB holsters (Outside the Waist Band) for open carry or concealed carry under a jacket or coat. All are suitable for use as a CZ P-01 appendix holster as well.

The reviewed holsters are not intended to carry a CZ P-01 with a light. Holsters are typically constructed of Kydex, Nylon, leather, and/or polymer.

IWB holsters are secured to your waistband with one or two clips, which may be adjustable with screws to regulate the level of tension. You may want to get pants that are a size or two larger than usual for comfort. Or you may need to work out and slim down. I am talking to myself here as well. Last night I put away a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Bourbon Caramel ice cream. (I intend to do penance for my sin of Gluttony later today with a CrossFit style workout).

The five IWB holsters for the CZ-P01 with the highest ratings are:

OUTBAGS USA OB-16S Nylon IWB Conceal Carry Holster

cz p01 holster

This is a 1/8 inch thick black nylon holster with a soft Tri-Cot lining, which secures to the waistband with one non-adjustable steel clip. Outbags is a “family owned and operated” and “American made” company. The holster covers the trigger guard/trigger completely, and has Level II retention.

Owners seem to have a love/hate relationship with Outbags holsters. Outbags makes a nice holster, and this one has rugged construction. However there has been minor criticism of some quality control problems. Some are of the opinion that this holster works well for range use, but not as good as a duty holster. It sells for a very reasonable and low price.

Bullseye Holsters Infused Kydex USA: Concealed Carry IWB holster

cz p01 kydex holster

This is a black Kydex and leather non-adjustable single clip holster, made in the USA. This Kydex holster for the CZ P-01 offers Level I retention. The Bullsey is popular for its comfortable wear and durability. 

Barony Nylon Gun Inside the Waistband Holster for Compact-Subcompact 9mm .40 .45.

compact iwb cz p01 holster review

The Barony is a black nylon with leather backing holster, and has a non-adjustable single clip This is a very simple and nice looking holster. Several users have noted the holster ride slow, and is good for range use, but would make for a difficult draw if your gun had to be presented quickly. All in all, this is another great bargain holster for the CZ P01 at a very affordable low price.

Springfield XD Mod. 2 Sub Compact 9/40 Right-Handed IWB Hybrid Holster

cz 75 p-01 leather holster

This is a leather holster for the CZ P-01 that has a black leather face, and black suede backing, with a rigid polymer insert. It is held in place by two Philips-head adjustable-tension belt clips. The shape of the holster is rounded to mold to your hip without any breaking–in, period. Not as cheap as some mentioned here but worth every penny.

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

cz p01 appendix holster

The Alien Gear Cloak 3.0 consistently shows up as a top holster in nearly every category and for good reason. It's a black polymer hostler with a neoprene backing, two adjustable belt clips, made in the USA, with adjustable ride height and cant. It has a 30-day trial period, and Alien Gear offers a lifetime of retention shell swaps if you get a different gun. Alien Gear, and in particular this holster has a great reputation especially for how comfortable it is to wear. It is a reasonably mid-range priced IWB holster.


Overall, it looks like the best holster for the CZ P-01 is Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster . It is highly rated by a large number of satisfied reviewers, citing its comfort, concealability, durability and retention.

Stay Safe



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About the Author:

David A. Porter is a Republican, Second Amendment advocate, and conservative academic, who has taught psychology and criminology for 21 years. He is also a licensed clinician who provides substance abuse and anger mgmt. treatment for the Vermont Dept. of Corrections, and has written over 145 scholarly articles on psychology, neuroscience, substance abuse, criminals, their victims, politics, and guns. He is the co-author of Gun Control: The maligned Second Amendment