The 5 Best Holsters for Sig P938 (Pocket, IWB & OWB)

best holster for sig P938

The Sig Sauer P938 is a compact conceal carry weapon mainly used for personal defense. Holsters for this gun can be hard to come by especially when you have the Crimson Laser on it. The good news is that most types work, whether it be an IWB (inside the waistband), OWB (outside the waistband), or a pocket holster. We've tried a bunch to work out which is was the best hoslter for Sig P938 pistols.

The most important things we considered was comfort, retention, concealment, and whether they had unnecessary attachments weighing them down. It's not always easy to find a holster that will be perfect in all these areas, however we've managed to narrow it down to the top 5 across the 3 different types.​

Best Pocket Holster for the Sig P938

Pocket holsters are a great way to conceal the P938, but it's important that it won't fall out easily.​

Sticky Holsters Pistol Holster MD1

p938 pocket holster: Sticky MD1

*Please note: If your Sig Sauer P938 has the laser you will require the MD-2 model.

The Sticky Holster is unique because it has no belt loops or clips and is made of a foam like material.​ It's called a "sticky holster" because it has a rubberized non-slip exterior coating which actually grips to clothing or skin. It's not actually a sticky feeling but it does grip really well.

The fact that it doesn't use any clips or straps makes it very versatile, meaning you can wear it anywhere you like around the waistband without needing to wear a belt.​ It's comfortable in the appendix position and feels good in around the back for even better concealment.  

If you are looking for Sig P938 pocket holster, this will be the best choice. It works perfectly as a pocket holster because there are no clips or attachments that go with it to make it bulky. Sometimes your pocket comes a long for the ride when drawing, which is a little annoying, but that's because the holster does such a great job of gripping to the material of your pocket.​ Otherwise, it fits nicely in the pocket and is so simple to use, just put it in your pocket and that's it.

Best OWB Holsters for Sig P938

Many people don't like or don't require an IWB holster. If you fall in this category and are after a OWB for your P938 then these are some of the best choices:​

Winthrop Holsters Sig Sauer P938 OWB Shield Holster

Sig P938 OWB Holster

This is a very nice high quality OWB holster from ​Winthrop Holsters. It is made specifically for the P938 and they also have one for the red crimson trace laser model.

The leather is look great, is shiny and quite thick.​ The quality of the stitching is second to none. The thickness of the leather means that it will take a little bit of time to break this holster in as there is a fair bit of retention on the first few uses. It takes a few weeks of daily use but then the leather does loosen up and it becomes really easy to draw from.

It has no clips or straps, which is nice, and instead uses 2 slots on the each side to put the belt through. One thing to note, is that once it's attached to the belt, the cant is fixed slightly at about 10 degrees.​ This is actually a very comfortable angle for drawing.

Desantis Mini Scabbard Holster for SIG P938

Desantis Mini Scabbard holster

The Desantis Mini Scabbard is a leather OWB holster that comes in 2 colors; black and cognac (like a tan color). This really is a minimalist designed holster that is nice and light, and doesn't have any over the top features that are unnecessary like you find in others.

It does a fantastic job of securing the pistol and the quality is evident from the very thin leather down to the nice white stitching. ​

Because it's a no-frills hoslter, once it's attached to the belt it has a close, snug fit ​that hugs the body well for OWB.

Best IWB Holsters for the Sig P938​

IWB is the most popular choice for concealed carry. If you want to keep your weapon completely hidden and don't mind having it inside the waistband or by the appendix then these 2 are the top choices.​

Sig P938 Tulster Profile Holster IWB

P938 IWB Tuckable Holster: Tulster Profile Kydex

​The Tulster Profile is an IWB kydex holster that is one piece of quality equipment. It comes with a plastic injected molded clip which is locked in by 2 stainless steel screws (quality - most manufacturers aren't using this). In fact, all the hardware on this holster is using stainless steel.

The design is very minimalist, so if you like the feel of a smaller and simpler IWB holster ​rather than the larger wrap around ones then this will be perfect. The trigger guard is covered and provides a good sweat shield, while getting a good high grip on the back of your Sig is extremely easy and feels right.

What's really cool about the Tulster Profile are the screws down the bottom. You can use these screws to adjust the retention using a phillips-head screwdriver. Once adjusted there is very little movement when the gun is locked in. It also has an adjustable cant which can be adjusted between approx 0-15 degrees by loosening 2 screws.

It's comfortable, high-quality made, and narrow so this is by far the best Sig P938 IWB kydex holster and the best for the appendix carry.

Fobus IWBS Right Hand Holster

IWB holster for Sig P938: Fobus small

The Fobus IWBS (the S is for small) is a universal holster and a good fit for guns the around the size of the P938. If you have multiple pistols that are roughly the same size and you don't want to get a different holster for each, then this is the one. 

Here you are really getting a holster that will do it's job at a reasonably low price point compared to some others. It's comfortable, comes with 2 snap clips on each side, and has a flexible backing which is polymer injected. The backing also has a whole lot of ventilation holes in it. Some people love this backing and some not so much. This is because it doesn't absorb sweat which is great, but some users have mentioned sweat going to their gun, because of the ventilation openings (this is really rare though). 

The holster shell is also polymer injected making it flexible and easy to re-holster with one hand. The non-slip surface makes the retention quite good too.

Overall this is holster is worth a look at for your P938 if you have other guns around the same size and want something fairly low priced.

What Type is Better?​

Ultimately this will come down to personal preference. As mentioned most 'types' will work well with the Sig P938, the bigger probl​em is trying to find the right one.

  • Pocket Holster: Lots of people prefer this because the size of the P938 is so compact. If you go down this route just make sure the holster is made of thin materials and doesn't have too many attachments, etc. You don't want a bulgy pocket for no reason. It's also important that it will stay concealed in your pocket without the risk of falling out easily. For this reason, our favorite is the Sticky Holsters Pistol Holster MD1 for this category.
  • IWB: Inside the waistband holsters are a popular choice for concealed carry as they do the best job at completely keeping the pistol concealed. The most important thing to consider with these is comfort. Because your Sig will be resting "inside" your pants on agaisnt the waist or appendix you'll need a quality holster that is comfortable and easy to draw. The Tulster Profile holster is by far the best IWB holster for the Sig P938.
  • OWB: Outside the waistband holsters are great for those that prefer open carry (if permitted where you are). They can also make for great concealed carry with this small pistol. Bear in mind it will have to fit snug to the body for a loose fitting top or coat to conceal it. For this reason we recommend the Desantis Mini Scabbard.

In Summary

The Sig Sauer P938 may not be the easiest gun to find a holster for, however there certainly is a few great choices out there. You can be confident that any of the 5 mentioned here will do the job just fine. Remember, the best holster for Sig P938 handguns will have good retention, be comfortable and light, and be reasonably priced. Work out what type you prefer and get to carrying.​