The 5 Best Holsters for Sig P229 Reviewed

best holster for sig p229

The Sig-Sauer P229 is a high quality, durable, reliable, semi-automatic handgun available in 9mm, .40 S & W, or .357 Sig. It is used by U.S. federal law enforcement agencies, and numerous U.S. state and local police departments, and is a favorite sidearm for armed civilians and a popular choice for off-duty carry by law enforcement. The Sig-Sauer P229 retails from about $1100 to $1400. There are 10 sub models of the Sig Sauer P229, with the following specifications:

· Barrel lengths range from 3.9 in (99 mm) to 4.4 in (112 mm)

· Overall gun lengths range from 7.1 in (180 mm) to 7.7 in (196 mm)

· The overall gun width for all sub models is 1.5 in (38 mm)

· Gun heights range from 5.4 in (137 mm) to 5.5 in (140 mm) for all sub models

· Gun weights range from 29.6 oz. (839 gms.) to weight 34.4 oz. (975 gms.) (Sig Sauer, 2017).

The 5 Best Holsters for the Sig Sauer P229​

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What to look for when choosing a holster for the P229

Considerations for choosing the Best holster for the Sig Sauer P229 include:


Will your P229 print (outline visible through clothing) or flash (reveal itself if your clothing rides up).


Your P229 will not help you if it is at home in the closet. You need to carry it daily, wearing both formal or casual clothes, or a uniform, which means it must be comfortable so there is no hesitation to carry off duty or if you are an armed civilian.

Smooth draw:

You may need to get your gun out of the holster very quickly. The draw needs to be smooth. Your gun cannot stick in the holster. This is related to retention level.

Retention level:

Retention levels range from Level 1 to Level III.

Level I retention uses passive measures to keep your place, e.g., gravity and the friction between the gun and the holster. It will not prevent someone from taking it from you, and it may fall out if you get into an awkward position or fall. The advantage is you can present your gun quickly if needed.

Level II retention is more active restraint using a button down snap or Velcro backed strap that secures the gun. This will prevent it from becoming dislodged if you fall, and offer some degree of restraint if someone tries to take it from you. This also means you will have to undo the strap before you can present it.

Level III retention involves an integral locking system in the holster, the gun must be drawn in a specific manner, with a slight twist, and a button may have to be pushed in order to release the gun. This is the most secure, and will make it very difficult for someone to take the gun from you, and highly unlikely you will lose it even if you tumble down a hill. It will take practice to draw a gun smoothly and quickly form a Level III retention holster.


The gun needs to be returned smoothly to the holster, without looking or in the dark.

Covered trigger guard:

You want a covered trigger guard to prevent an accidental discharge, the holster should completely cover the trigger and trigger guard.

Proper fit:

The holster must hold your Sig Sauer P229 securely, but not so tightly that it is difficult to draw or re-holster, and it must cover the trigger and trigger guard. If a clip on type, the clip must be secure enough so you do not pull the holster off your belt when you draw it. This result will be comical at the range, and potentially fatal in a life or death situation.

High quality/Durability/longevity:

The holster needs to give you years of reliable service, not fall apart after a few weeks.

Desired mode of carry

e.g., open or concealed, IWB, OWB, ankle


This is a minor consideration. A holster that looks “tacti-cool” may look badass or intimidating when open carried and cause some lower level bad guys to hesitate or reconsider their actions.

Specific considerations for women:

Women have obvious anatomical differences than men (for which I am very grateful and appreciative) and differences in hand and grip strength.


This should be the minimal consideration, but it is a reality.


Your needs for your holster will vary depending on whether you are:

  • Looking for a holster to use strictly at the range
  • To carry a trail gun while fishing or hiking
  • An on-duty LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)
  • An off duty LEO or armed civilian

For the latter two especially, a holster must be considered as a critical part of your self-defense system, not an afterthought. A holster is needed to safely and discreetly carry a firearm.

If you are stopped by a police officer, you will be more trustworthy and have a better encounter if your gun is in a holster.

Thugs carry a gun in a jacket or pants pocket, or stuffed into their waistband. This makes their jacket heavy on one side, creates an obvious bulge in a pants pocket, and the gun shifts with movement, especially if stuffed down the waistband.

They will pat themselves and check themselves frequently to make sure it is still in place, especially after stepping off a curb or coming down stairs to make sure it is still their or to adjust it. This mode of carry will make it easier for LEO’s and alert civilians to spot someone carrying who shouldn’t be.

Carry a gun shoved down your pants is also a good way for an accidental discharge to produce a pyrotechnically delivered spontaneous radical bilateral orchiectomy (They will blow both of their testicles off). The holsters I will be reviewing are primarily intended for carrying at the 3 O’clock position, rather than the somewhat safety controversial appendix carry.

Types of Holsters

· IWB (Inside the Waist Band) for concealed carry

· OWB (Outside the Waist Band) for open carry or concealed carry under a jacket or coat

· Shoulder under the arm, concealed under a jacket

· Ankle secured around the ankle, concealed under a pant leg

· Pancake worn in the small of the back, concealed under clothing.

· Soft leather, or another flexible material, which will break in overtime to fit your gun

· Hard Kydex, or another hard polymer, molded to fit the gun

· Pocket holds the gun within your pocket, covering the trigger and trigger guard, and hiding the outline to avoid printing.

· Bra holster for women, concealed carry

The Top Sig Sauer P229 Reviews:

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster for Sig-Sauer P229 with Rail (Black, Right-hand)

holster for sig p229 with rail

This Galco Triton for the Sig P229 is an IWB black Kydex holster designed to accommodate a rail for accessories such as an LED or laser. It offers Level III retention. It is in the mid-range of pricing and worth every penny.

Galco Combat Master Belt Holster for Sig-Sauer P229

Galco Combat Master belt holster for sig P229

This is a very popular holster amongst many P229 users however it has received some criticism around the fit. I would question the validity of this criticism, as this is a leather holster and needs to be broken in. It is an OWB holster. Though not specified, it appears to have Level I retention. It's on the more expensive end and is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing holster.

Badger Concealment Sig Sauer P229 Kydex Holster

best iwb holster for sig sauer p229

This look like the best Sig Sauer P229 IWB Holster. It features Level III retention in a Kydex holster and is manufactured by a “veteran owned and operated company”. It is available for a very reasonable price.

Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters "Protective Services Elite" with Magazine Pouch Combo (OWB, Black Carbon Fiber)

owb sig p229 holster

This seems to be a favorite and has the most enthusiastic and adamant customer base and users. This OWB holster is made of Kydex (the color is black carbon fiber) and offers Level III retention. It is in the higher price range, and includes a one-mag pouch.

Cytac Tactical Hard Shell Sig P229 Paddle Pistol Holster

sig p229 paddle holster

It is an OWB Sig P229 holster made of black hard polymer, adjustable angle holster with Level III retention. An Allen key is included for angle adjustment. The price is also an advantage, is usually the cheapest holster mentioned here. It is known for being a high quality holster at an extremely affordable price.


An honorable mention. There are mostly good reviews of their holsters, but a very small number of scathing reviews regarding product quality. Some owners stated their holster burst at the seams or fell apart within days or weeks of purchase. There may be some unresolved issues with quality control.


Although all great choices, it would appear that the best holster for Sig Sauer P229 is the Badger Concealment Sig Sauer Kydex Holster. It is concealable, comfortable, lightweight at only 3.0 oz. has the highest retention level, a reasonable price, and it is made by an American, vet owned and operated Company. While it was hard to choose among the top five, this holster seems to offer the most, especially for the price.

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