The Best Holster for Glock 42 Pistols (IWB & OWB)

So you got yourself a new Glock 42, you want to carry it, and are now looking for the right holster. When it comes to this Glock there are quite a few choices so the first thing to decide when trying to choose the best holster for Glock 42 pistols is what 'type' you want.

There are great IWB, OWB, appendix, and even pocket holsters. The Glock 42 being a .380 is ideal for concealed carry. This is why we've chosen our favorite picks for each type and all of them will conceal your pistol very well.

1. Multi Holster Elite IWB FOMI​

The Best Glock 42 IWB Kydex Holster

glock 42 iwb kydex holster

​Multi Holster is a great brand that was the first to come out with a Glock 41 specific holster. Their new Multi Elite line for the Glock 42 is an absolute perfect fit for this pistol. Every contour, every line, and every bump on the gun fits in this holster exactly.

Because of the perfect fit, drawing and re-holstering is easy, and there's no struggle to get the Glock in or out. The retention is fantastic and there is the option to adjust it (tighten or loosen) via 2 screws. Your Glock 42 will snap in and out of this holster effectively.

The holster also features a really high sight channel. So if you were to replace the front sight with an aftermarket one, chances are it will most likely fit in the Elite.​

The inside of the holster has full coverage for your slide by the Kydex to prevent sweat coming on the slide. It also helps guide your re-holstering really well. ​

The Elite has an adjustable cant, from about straight (0 degrees) to the standard FBI (15 degrees). This can easily be done by adjusting the 2 screws on the FOMI clip. Speaking of the clip, it's also made out of kydex, is extremely strong, and makes the holster comfortable to wear.

One of the best things about the design is that it actually prevents you from accidentally hitting the magazine release, but doesn't block you from doing so if you choose. So if you want to press the mag release while the the 42 is still in the holster you can as it's not completely covered. But the tiny bit of kydex slightly covering it will make sure that this wont happen accidentally while wearing the holster inside the waistband.​

This holster represents top quality design and manufacturing. The Multi Holster Elite is Kydex holster making at it's best.

2. Blade Tech IWB Klipt Appendix Holster​

The Best Glock 42 Appendix Holster​

glock 42 appendix holster

When you've got a Glock 42 an appendix holster can be ideal given the small size of the pistol. They will allow you to get a nice fast draw and are the preferred style for many small handgun owners.

Blade Tech Industries are known for making some of the most rugged and quality built holsters all round. Their ambidextrous IWB Klipt is the best kick style appendix holster for the Glock 42.

The clip is as strong as an ox but still has some great flexibility. It features 2 screws which can be un-screwed to switch the side (left or right) or do adjust the position (lower or higher). Once again he best thing about the clip is the flexibility. This makes all the difference for appendix carry as you don't want it to be stiff and digging in to your side or belly when you're in a seated position. Thanks to the clip design you won't have this problem with this holster.

The retention is great and the gun is held in there locked solid and tight. ​There's also the option to adjust the retention via the same 2 screws, by making it tighter or loosening it. Drawing and re-holstering is really simple and smooth.

If it's an inside the waistband appendix holster you're after for the G42 then this is the perfect holster.​

3. The Sticky Holsters SM-5​

The Best Glock 42 Pocket Holster

glock 42 pocket holster

Most people would have heard about Sticky Holsters by now. They are not without their flaws, but Sticky holsters are overall a great budget option for IWB carry or as a pocket holster. The best thing about them is the simplicity and low price.

If you are after a pocket holster for the G42 then this is the best choice. There are other pocket holsters which are similar such as the Remora, which isn't a bad choice either. However when weighing up all the pros and cons we found that the Sticky is our favorite.​ Although the Remora feels slightly tougher, the Sticky feels truly "stickier". It stays put in the pocket and feels comfortable in the waistband.

The Sticky holster by all means isn't perfect. It can at times (not always) stay "stuck" with your gun as you draw rather then staying inside the waistband for instance. However, this is to be expected with holsters with no clips or straps.

Pocket carry is popular with the G42 thanks to the small size of this gun. If this is your intended carry then get yourself a Sticky. Just be sure to get the right size. This can be easily checked on Sticky Holsters' website​. For the Glock 42 the best size is the SM-5.

4. Sneaky Pete Nylon Belt Clip Holster

Best Glock 42 OWB Holster​

glock 42 owb holster

This is a top quality OWB concealed carry holster. It's a ballistic nylon holster (also comes in leather) on the outside with great stitch work and craftsmanship done to it. Inside the holster has a nice suede like material, and the the magnets to close it are extremely strong and work really well. The G42 fits the medium Sneaky Pete like a glove.

The purpose of the Sneaky Pete is to be able to wear your gun OWB but still keep it concealed. It will keep the gun completely covered and basically looks just like a big cell phone case clipped to the hip. You could even consider slapping an Apple sticker on it to make more inconspicuous like the guy in this video...

The great thing is that it's concealed all over, yet still easy to access and draw the Glock. Simply flip up the magnet "flap" and pull the gun from the holster.

The sides are stiffened by a plastic insert which also helps to protect the gun. It also features a kydex lined interior which provides support and more protection, and ensures a smooth removal of the firearm.

Overall this is our top pick for OWB concealed carry for the the Glock 43. It's light weight yet durable, and comes from a family owned company and is USA made. Most importantly it does a great job of remaining low-key.​

What to Look For in a Glock 42 Holster​

The Glock 42 is the smallest pistol in the Glock range. Because of its size and light weight concealing the weapon is quite easy and for most ideal. IWB and pocket holsters are preferred, but even some OWB can be great if you get the right one. Here are some important things to consider when shopping around:​

Size​: Look for a sleek and small holster. There's no need to go big for this type of handgun and if concealing is your goal, then the smaller and lighter the better. 

Features: Usually the more features, the better right? Maybe, but not always. We'd recommend less bells and whistles and a more minimalist style holster for the G42. The less bulky features, especially on the outside the less printing and better your guns stays hidden.

Retention: Always look for good retention, this goes without saying. You want it to be easy to draw and re-holster, and a good click or snap.​


Searching for the best holster for Glock 42 pistols can be fun and at the same time frustrating. There's a wide variety to choose from all in different styles.​ An IWB is recommended and if we had to narrow it down to just one it would have to be the Multi Holster Elite. The design and quality of this holster can't be beat for the Glock 42 .380 semi auto.