The 5 Best Best Ankle Holsters on the Market [REVIEWS]

Best ankle holster

Sometimes, carrying around the waist, under the arm, or behind the back just isn’t going to work. Perhaps you’re in a sensitive environment – the office, at a public event, or a special occasion. Maybe you’re wearing that pressed and fitted business casual get-up for an important meeting. That doesn’t mean you must be disarmed. In fact, this is where equipping yourself with the best ankle holster comes in.

The venerable ankle holster has long served as a great alternative for concealed carrying in environments where a high profile and the risk of printing cannot be tolerated – something even the best IWB holsters sometimes betray.

What to Look for in an Ankle Holster​

But just any old ankle holster will not do. Your ankle holster must be snug yet comfortable. It must be able to be jostled around on your leg for extended periods of time without falling off or getting loose. It can’t cause your ankle to chafe and bleed, that’s no good. And of course, it must afford your handgun a low profile with a form-fitted design that suffers no extra stitching or material – even an ankle holster can give itself away if it’s bulky, or if your pistol’s grip or barrel is canted the wrong way.

With these considerations in mind, let’s break down the top five ankle holsters for concealed carry!

The 5 Best Ankle Holster Recommendations

The following is a quick look at the 5 best ankle holsters we've come across.​

#5: Galco Ankle Glove

galco ankle glove/ankle holster

The Galco Ankle Glove is a great ankle holster that’s been tailor-made for plenty of popular handguns. Notably, it fits the Glock 19, 23, 26, 27, 32, 33, the Walther PPK and PPKS, and plenty of other autos and revolvers. It features a unique two-piece design that provides a snug yet comfortable ankle grip, while also providing your handgun of choice a fitted, tight, minimalist holster. The Ankle Glove affords any shooter with a very fitted profile, perfect for deep concealment.

Galco’s leather holster that makes up the business end of the Ankle Glove is crafted quite well, offering a nearly Kydex-like fit. Galco even took the time to outfit each Ankle Glove with just the right cant, depending on gun model. This ensures that no matter what you’re carrying, your handgun’s frame and grip won’t be protruding like a sore thumb.

The other half of the Ankle Glove features a neoprene construction, wicking moisture away and keeping a comfy fit that won’t scratch or chafe. The Ankle Glove accommodates ankles up to 13”. A reinforced thumb break provides confident retention and a fast draw. This holster is clearly made with attention paid to every detail, making it one of our top 5 picks for Best Ankle Holster.

#4: DTOM AH3 Ankle Holster

best ankle holster for ruger lcp

The DTOM AH3 is a wonderfully comfortable ankle holster that works especially well for smaller guns, like the Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, and even the heavy Walther PPK and PPKS. This holster features a “universal” bucket made of a reinforced nylon material. While a “universal” holster may not be best for IWB holsters, it’s great for an ankle holster.

The less “fitted” bucket provides two benefits: It offers fewer chances of printing, thanks to its un-fitted design and smoother, rounded edges and it accommodates numerous CCL weapons without the shooter having to switch out holsters.

The DTOM AH3 can fit all the aforementioned guns, as well as the Beretta 3032, the Keltec P3AT, the P32, and other similarly sized guns. But for all its universal function, the AH3 Ankle Holster is still very user-specific. The neoprene band offers plenty of flex and snug fitment, providing a comfortable holster for 10” to 12” ankles. A nylon retention strap uses simple hook-and-loop fasteners to keep your weapon of choice stowed tight, while the slightly off-vertical cant of the cloth bucket helps to keep your handgun’s grip from printing.

This is a simple, no-bones-about-it ankle holster that’ll fit plenty of subcompacts without any guesswork, and the price reflects that. Great stitching and premium neoprene aside, this is one of our least expensive ankle holsters on our list, making it a great buy for the everyman – or for the value-minded shooter who owns plenty of subcompacts.

#3: Lirisy Ankle Holster

best ankle holster for glock 43, glock 26 and P938

Even in the world of subcompacts, the Glock 43 is a particularly small gun as far as the grip and rear of the slide are concerned. A good retention system is critical then, and the Lirisy Ankle Holster does not disappoint. This holster is also perfectly fitted for the Glock 26, making it a great 2-for-1 for any Glock loyalists and veteran CCL holders out there. Featuring a unique calf strap, the Lirisy is an extremely stable ankle holster, making it great for the active carrier or outdoorsman (or woman).

Although its design is a tad more intricate than our other top ankle holsters, the Lirisy happens to be the most versatile. Its ambidextrous configuration is available with a 15” band that’ll accommodate up to a 13” leg, and a 17” band that’ll accommodate up to a 15” leg. Because the Lirisy’s bucket is vertical, we recommend pairing this holster with a handgun that features a shorter grip – again, the Glock 43 and P938 are great examples.

Of course, breathable neoprene is standard, providing for hours of comfortable carrying without any sweat build-up or chafing. A foam pad also extends beyond the barrel of your weapon of choice, ensuring you won’t deal with any pinching, poking or rubbing. Although not directly advertised, we found this holster will also accommodate the popular Sig P938, in addition to the P238 and numerous other Glock series. If you can keep your barrel length at or below 6.5”, you’ll have a fine ankle holster with the Lirisy.

#2: Pro-Tech Ankle Holster for M&P Shield

best ankle holster for s&w shield

The M&P Shield is often labeled one of the best CCL guns on the market. It frequently hits #1 on “top 5” lists, and so it’s only fitting we pick a best ankle holster for this specific subcompact. Pro-Tech’s Ankle Holster is just the ticket, featuring a by-design nylon bucket made specifically for the Shield, with comfort and subtle design elements that make quality outstanding.

The Pro-Tech look simple at first glance, but it’s a great little holster. An adjustable nylon strap uses hook-and-loop to keep your Shield snug, while also allowing for carrying other subcompacts of similar size. The outer layer of the Pro-Tech is ballistic nylon, taking durability up a level compared to other nylon holsters. The interior of the bucket features a vinyl vapor barrier that’ll keep your Shield dry. Foam padding and nylon lining provide comfort, while all the pressure points are double-stitched.

The edges are even turned to reduce printing and to prevent fraying. These small details include a 30-day money back guarantee from Pro-Tech, letting you know you’re not just buying a simple, “universal” holster. The elastic band provides comfortable fit around your ankle for all-day wear, making the Pro-Tech a surprising find at a low price.

#1: Uncle Mike's Off-Duty & Concealment Kodra Nylon

uncle mike’s law enforcement kodra nylon ankle holster

For the daily carrier who has to have THE most well-built, functional and popular ankle holsters available, Uncle Mike's Kodra is the go-to choice. Available in a plethora of sizes, Uncle Mike’s holster is the most versatile on our list. Sizes ranging from “0” to “16”, in addition to left- and right-hand configurations. A size zero will easily fit the smallest subcompacts on the market, like the Bodyguard and P238, while a size sixteen will accommodate medium and large autos for those who can manage it.

This fully adjustable ankle holster features an ankle strap and leg strap to ensure a secure fit, while the interior of the ankle strap features a completely detached strap with the holster’s bucket also separate, to help you make everything fit just right. A Kodra nylon construction gets a “best-in-class” rating from us, while a soft knit interior fabric protects your gun and keeps your leg comfortable for long periods of wear. A closed cell foam acts as a moisture-wicking barrier and it affords extra padding so nothing pokes or prods.

A simple but effective nylon retention strap with a reinforced thumb break provides confident retention and a quick, guesswork-free draw every time. Because Uncle Mike’s holster is so adjustable, left-hand models can be fitted to the inside of the right leg, and vice versa. Few ankle holsters offer inside-leg carry, which can be a huge advantage if one must draw while sitting at a table. With hundreds of great reviews from veteran customers, Uncle Mike’s holster is easily our favorite ankle holster.

The Gun Matters as Much as The Holster​

In the case of ankle holsters, positioning and adjustments matter most. Given this notion, consider the gun you’ll carry as much as the holster you buy. The best ankle holster will offer the most adjustment, which is why Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster is our favorite. As always, take some time to review customer feedback and ensure the holster you consider can fit your CCL weapon based on measurement.