The 4 Best Appendix Carry Holster Options

best appendix carry holster

Appendix carry had always been a hotly contested topic among the concealed carry community. You are, after all, shoving a loaded firearm into a very sensitive area. Never mind that, because a responsible gun owner ensures his or her carry method is safe, no matter the weapon’s placement.

Appendix carry is nothing new – as far back the 1800’s, one can find accounts of folks carrying small revolvers in the fronts of their waists, earning such pieces the nickname “belly guns”. The intent of appendix carry was purely utilitarian: To provide easy concealment and quick access when needed.

While “toting around a belly gun” in the waistband without any retention is a bad idea, modern holster tech has made appendix carry provide some real advantages. Finding a good appendix carry holster means investing in something that’s highly ergonomic, built with just the right material, and the right amount thereof. That also means finding a holster that’s sturdy yet pliable, minimalist yet substantial – an oxymoronic product, if you will. That’s not always easy to find (we’ll help you out).

Benefits of Wearing an Appendix Carry Holster​

So, why bother? Appendix carry provides the most concealment with minimal clothing, it offers the least risk of printing compared to other methods, it allows your weapon to rest in the natural crease of your lower limb’s movement, it generally doesn’t obstruct movement, and it surprisingly can provide the most comfort – if done properly.

Appendix carry offers the most natural draw, too. Your hands naturally rest at the front of your body and they can more easily grasp items in front of your profile compared to grabbing at a weapon strapped to your hip or back area.

The 4 Best Appendix Carry Holsters

With all these benefits in mind, let’s find and review the best appendix carry holsters on the market!

1. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

best appendix iwb holster for m&p shield

CYA Supply is a veteran-owned company that makes some of the most popular and trusted CCL holsters on the market. Their IWB holster is no different, and it’s perfectly designed for all-day appendix carry. Made of a .08”-thick Boltaron material with stainless hardware, the CYA Supply holster is durable and rugged, but thin and comfortable.

The slightest forward cant, adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees, allows you to mold this holster to your body’s shape for a better appendix carry setup. A Posi-Click retention system ensures your weapon of choice stays seated, while a provided sweat guard keeps things comfortable without chaffing or rubbing.

The 1.5” wide belt clip is tight but not difficult to seat, making the CYA Supply easy to take on and off. This holster is simple, with just the right features and nothing else. It’s also affordable making it an instant top pick. Many comment that this is one of the best appendix carry IWB holsters for the M&P Shield.

2. Concealment Express Kydex IWB Holster

appendix carry kydex holster

If Kydex is just something you’re used to and can’t live without, we can’t argue with you. Concealment Express takes Kydex and molds it into the perfect appendix carry holster with their latest introduction. This U.S.-made holster has just the right stuff for a good appendix holster: an adjustable 0- to 15-degree cant, perfectly molded, cut, and softened edges, a thin, .08”-thick construction for easy fitment, a Posi-Click retention system, and a black oxide finish to keep things subtle.

The Concealment Express is a great appendix carry Kydex holster because it, too, is simple. It doesn’t betray your need for a quick draw with unnecessary features or gimmicks – it’s just a well-built, lightweight holster that’ll provide comfort and a quick draw. All hardware is perfectly seated and tightened with threadlock from the factory, ensuring things stay snug and consistent.

The Concealment Express appendix holster is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Kydex has a little more texture to it than Boltaron, so if you want an appendix holster with a bit more grip to it, you’ll appreciate the Concealment Express over CYA supply’s option.

3. The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

best appendix carry holster for glock 19 tactical

Kydex and Boltaron are stiff materials that provide a rugged profile and rigidity, but that can make appendix carry quite uncomfortable if you don’t get fitment and your cant angle perfect. If you’d rather guarantee your comfort no matter your holster’s position or natural shifting while you walk, stand, and sit, then look at “The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster”. Made by Relentless Tactical, this holster is certainly aptly named.

Made in the USA, The Ultimate Suede Leather Holster features genuine leather, no synthetic materials or cheap production, as they put it. The thickness of this holster is quite nice. It provides that level of rigidity needed for a good appendix carry, without sacrificing any comfort. The suede outer layer of this holster is buttery smooth, resting against the skin without any rubbing or chaffing. Soft edges and rounded cuts ensure an ergonomic fit and a natural resting position in the crook of your leg, like a good appendix holster should afford.

All stitching on The Ultimate Suede Holster is thick, perfectly spaced, and cut and tied to last. Little excess material rests past the stitching, leaving just enough that it’ll mold and form its edges to your carry position and body. Of course, a lifetime warranty is included with this holster, so if you ever have issues with holster wear (something leather holsters may naturally suffer over long periods of time), you can rest assured knowing you’ll get an easy replacement.

There’s not much else to this holster, and that’s why we like it. It’s one of the most comfortable, simple, affordable appendix carry holsters on our list. It’s cut to fit many compacts, and many users report this is one of the best appendix carry holsters for the Glock 19 Tactical, thanks to its ability to house a pistol with a larger profile.

4. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

appendix holster with mag pouch

Okay, so this is technically a belly band holster, but its configuration allows it to function as a great appendix holster with an included mag pouch. The ComfortTac goes in the opposite direction compared to The Ultimate Suede Leather Holster, but it affords that same level of comfort you want – maybe more.

The neoprene band of the ComfortTac provides arguably the most retention and planted feel of any appendix holster, a nice bonus for a holster sitting in an area of your body that experiences the most movement and articulation when standing, sitting, and walking. The one-size-fits-all Belly Band takes out the guesswork and accommodates up to a 44” waist. The surgical grade elastic holster is universal, too, fitting most small subcompacts, compacts, and even full-size pistols, up to .45 ACP or .357 Magnum.

The open face of the Belly Band holster allows your weapon’s barrel to slip past the band and holster, resting naturally in the crook of your leg without fighting the holster itself, thanks to the elastic design. In our opinion, this provides the best balance of retention and comfort. What’s more, the wide design of the Belly Band distributes weight more evenly, reducing pinch points and discomfort further for all-day carry.

The Ultimate Belly Band Holster is affordable, too, tying with The Ultimate Suede Holster as least expensive. If you can get past the idea of wearing a holster system that completely encompasses your waistline, then you’ll appreciate the security and comfort The Ultimate Belly Band offers. A nice bonus of the ComfortTac is the fact that you’re technically getting six holsters in one: It functions easily as a shoulder rig, a behind-the-hip holster, a hip holster, a cross-draw holster, and even an OWB holster.

Closing Thoughts

So, what is the best appendix carry holster? That depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want something rigid, compact, and built from a proven and popular material that’ll never lose its form or warp? Stick with CYA Supply or Concealment Express. If you want the most simplistic and bare-bones holster that’s easy to mount and remove, try out The Ultimate Suede Leather Holster.

Want something that distributes weight the most, that provides the most comfort, and takes out all the guesswork? Stick with The Ultimate Belly Band. Again, the investment in wearing a wrap-around holster system might seem like a lot to some, but the pay-off is worth it, in our humble opinion. We elect The Ultimate Belly Band Holster as overall Best Appendix Carry Holster from our list. While this may seem controversial, its characteristics, retention, weight distribution, extra magazine pouch, and ability to function as five other carry systems makes it an easy winner in our book.

Whatever appendix carry holster you go with, just remember this: You’re choosing to carry with a method that’ll be subjected to more physical movement and transitions than other concealed carry holsters. You’ll need to ensure the holster of your choice provides comfort without restricting movement or interfering with “sensitive areas”.