The Best Belly Band Holster: Reviews of [THE TOP 5]

best belly band holster

Some people may wonder what a belly band holster is. Others will wonder is it a good option and what is the best belly band holster. What should one look for in a belly band holster? Let's address these questions.

What to Look for in a Belly Band Holster​

The general requirements of a concealed carry holster apply to a belly band concealment holster. Those are that it covers the trigger guard effectively, have an minimum amount of retention, and securely holds the pistol.

Many belly band holsters also hold one or more spare magazines so the holster must retain and protect them as well. You should avoid any that are designed for small of the back carry as this type of carry promotes a large amount of safety hazards, especially in regards to spinal damage.

The holster should be checked to see if it slips or bounces around easily when performing very active tasks and if it can be tightly wrapped to the body to provide necessary rigidity. Make sure your pistol will fit or is designed to fit the particular band holster you purchase.

​Pros & Cons of Belly Band Holsters


  • Allow for the pistol and spare ammunition to be kept on your person without requiring a belt.
  • They will fit a variety of pistols and body shapes.
  • Allow the pistol to be carried in the traditional areas of concealment, those being the sides and appendix (range from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock).
  • Usually very low priced making them affordable on a number of budgets.
  • These types of holsters can also be worn while working out, which is something to keep in mind if you are in the market for a female belly band holster for concealed carry while doing things like jogging or other outside workouts.
  • Completely cover the trigger guard in most examples.


  • On the concept of retention they have a moderate amount with a strap of some type running over the grip of the pistol. Unfortunately these straps either have to be slipped over the grip, creating a very long drawing process.
  • Also, the straps are either secured by velcro or a snap (with the snap being better), but the release generally placed on the outside of the pistol, making not a like a thumb break style release. This means you have to flip up the strap by breaking the tension of the snap or velcro then try and grip the pistol. This makes the action of actually gripping the pistol a separate action to releasing the tension. All this means is that you are not going to be able to quick draw as easily as other designs.

Some More Things to be Mindful Of...

For the most part the holsters lack a lot of the rigidity that is present in leather and kydex holsters, primarily being made out of stretchy material or neoprene like material, similar to workout compression bands.

This can be a problem because the pistol will be at the mercy of its weight, risking it flopping around if it is not wrapped tightly around the user. The worst offender in this is the Alphaholster belly gun holster with dual magazine pouches. It appears to be made out of something similar to an ace bandage, has a strap release right where you thumb webbing goes on the gun (making it harder to release the tension strap), and leaves your spare magazines to be retained by a few slip in loops. The magazines are not covered enough to keep debris out of them (possibly setting up for a malfunction).

This setup also creates the trouble of possibly snagging the magazine or bullets on the small loops that they are supposed to fit into. In addition to this, the material it is made of can easily being pushed in to cause an accidental discharge negating the full trigger guard coverage it offers.

​The 5 Best Belly Band Holster Options

Here are some of the best belly band holsters you will find on the market today.

1. ComfortTac Concealed Carry Ultimate Belly Band Holster

comforttac ultimate belly band holster: most comfortable belly band holster crossbreed

Made form a neoprene material and fits up to a 44” belly, measure the hips or belly not pant size. This belly band crossbreed is one of the best reviewed female belly band holsters. It keeps the firearm secure during things like jogging, but does take some getting used to, especially if you are not used to the weight it adds.

Designed to fit a variety of pistols ranging from most Glock models, M&P Shields, Sig Saurs, Berettas, various revolvers, and more. The firearm is secured by surgical grade elastic and a velcro retention strap. The ComfortTac Ultimate belly band holster is possibly one of the most comfortable belly band holsters, especially for women. It features the ability to wear the firearm from 5 o'clock, appendix, and higher up on the torso. This model also includes space for a spare magazine.

2. Desantis Belly Band Holster

desantis belly band holster

This holster is made from ballistic nylon and features a place for the firearm, an extra magazine, and a spare pocket. Rough against the skin, women may not find it comfortable and that it may not fit their waist. Wearing an undershirt is highly recommended with the Desantis belly band.

This holster is not designed to fit full sized or larger pistols. Small-framed pistols, such as compacts and subcompacts, are the target pistol for use with this particular model. This particular belly band holster is described as being like a brace, so when jogging with it you will have to deal with the constriction, and take steps to prevent uncomfortable rubbing.

The holster is setup with more of an appendix carry in mind as the magazine pocket is situated behind the pistol pocket. Putting it oriented on the right or left side of your body will make accessing either the gun or the magazine harder and even in an appendix orietnation accessing the backup magazine will be hard. This holster will work with lounging attire all the way to business attire.

3. GVN Belly Band Holster

best belly band holster for running

This belly band is similar to normal compression braces in design and features a variety of pistols that it can hold. A retention strap (which can be cut off for a faster draw per the manufacturer) and a spare magazine pouch. Designed to work with work out clothing and yoga pants, the holster is comfortable and reliable. Remember it is just like a work out band, so it will get rather sweaty during activity.

4. Lirisy Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

female belly band holster

This model does not slip when worn and can accommodate up to a 45” circumference and various pistol types. In addition to a spare magazine pouch, this holster features a spare pocket for money, I.D., and other things if you do not want to carry a purse while out and about. Features a snap closer on the retention strap and micro holes for ventilation and long term comfort.

5. Safeguard Belly Band Holster

belly band concealment holster

The Safeguard features a snap closer and breathable neoprene backing. It has room for your phone, handheld light, folding knife/spare magazine. Also has velcro retention strap as an option. This holster fits most common pistols in most common calibers. Versatile design allows for your carry preferences to be met.

​Bottom Line

Belly band holsters are a very niche item. They are ideal for women and others who do not normally wear belts and they can be had for relatively low cost. Not everyone can wear a belt all the time, and the importance of concealed carry is to first have the firearms on you person. The best option for it is around your torso and hip areas, and a belly band fits this perfectly. As long as the retention is enough to keep the firearm in the holster and does not let it flop around it is a viable option.

ComfortTac's offering is the most recommended and is not the most expensive option. Proper kydex, leather, and other modified or custom holsters can be had for lounging wear and other athletic wear, but would be much more expensive. A belly band is a nice start as well as a specialized holster to add to your collection of options.

Holsters come and go, as you progress in training an knowledge you'll add more and move on from some. Your tastes and preferences will change and you will look for and find better options.

Hopefully this article has helped you in finding the best belly band holster in the myriad of options available for concealed carry