The Best OWB Holster for Glock 19 Pistols (Leather & Kydex)

best owb holster for glock 19

The Glock 19 is the baby brother to the Glock 17 which was Glock's original design and is one the most used pistols today. It's one of the most favorite handguns of all time and rightfully so. Previously we've reviewed some of the best IWB holsters for this gun. For those of you who prefer outside the waistband carry then this is for you. We go over the best OWB holsters for Glock 19 pistols and what makes them so great.

The fact of the matter is OWB holsters are usually just more comfortable. They typically come in a few different configurations such as paddle, or belt slides, and also different materials such as kydex or leather.​

The 4 Best OWB Holsters for the Glock 19​

The following are the 4 best holsters for outside the waistband carry of your G19. There are many more options, but these are the 4 we found to be the best bang for your buck.​

1. Alien Gear Cloak Mod Paddle Holster

best open carry holster for glock 19

First up, the thing we love the most about all of Alien Gear's holsters is replaceable/interchangeable shell system. This allows you to have one holster with different shells for different guns. You won't need to buy a new holster for each and this will essentially save you money as the shells don't cost as much as holsters.

The Cloak Mod is a great, quality OWB holster for the Glock 19. However it should be pointed out that if concealment is your number 1 priority this might not be the best choice. It is a very bulky holster, so when worn outside the waistband, it's very hard to keep concealed. On the other hand, this is the best open carry holster for the Glock 19.

The look of the Alien Head Paddle is just so cool, and the paddle makes it easy to clip on the belt or pants. If you prefer to use a belt loop you can do that too as it comes with a belt attachment and it's simple to swap out the paddle.

The retention is fantastic and really smooth to draw and re-holster the pistol. There's a thin steel piece inside the holster that flexes to add extra retention and friction to the gun. This piece of steel is covered by a rubber lining (which is what actually touches the gun and Alien Gear call this the Retention Membrane) which also helps with the retention.

2. StealthGear USA OWB Ventcore Flex Holster

best owb glock 19 holster

The StealthGear OWB Flex holster is the ultimate luxury OWB holster. Although it does come with a hefty price tag, it truly is one of the best OWB holsters you will find for your Glock 19. It can be used for EDC, IDPA competition shooting, at the range, and just about any need you may have for the holster.

The tough mesh (where the gun will be sitting in) is extremely durable but is still soft and very gentle on the finish of your gun.​ This is great because you won't have to worry about it damaging or scratching the the finish of your Glock.

The backing that sits against your body is the patented "Ventcore" technology which feels like a soft mesh like material​. It's ventilated and it feels great against your body or clothing.

The Flex truly lives up to its name, and it bends perfectly for outside the waistband holster. The sweat guard is completely flexible which is important in an OWB holster. Most kydex holsters you'll find will dig in to your skin, whereas this sweat guard moves with you. An A+ for comfort whether wearing under or over a shirt!​

In terms of fit, it's perfect for the G19. It fits in nice and tightly and the drawing is quick and easy making it ideal for competition shooters.​ The cant and the ride height are also very easily adjustable.

If you're after a "concealed" OWB holster for the Glock 19 then this should be at the top of your list. The high price is justifiable if you don't mind spending a little more on a holster.​ It will withstand heavy duty use, last a long time, and is truly the Rolls Royce of holsters.

3. Outbags LOB2P Leather OWB Holster​

glock owb leather holster

The Outbags Glock 19 leather OWB holster gives you great quality for the price you pay. The stitching is great, and they have used thick and sturdy stitching material. There's even stitching all around the belt loops which is a must. 

The molding is done really well on this holster and it does a great job of holding the gun in place. Like all leather holsters it will be fairly tight once you begin using it, but it does loosen up after a few wears.

Overall the Outbags leather holster is a good option for open carry or concealed outside the waistband carry. You can get the brown or black leather and both look and feel really nice thanks to the genuine leather.

4. NSR Tactical CTH Kydex OWB Holster​

glock 19 owb kydex holster

NSR Tactical's CTH is one of the best made kydex holsters for outside the waistband carry.

One of the first most noticeable things about this holster is the fact it hasn't got any retention adjustment screws. The reason for this is because the retention simply doesn't need any adjusting. The gun locks in nicely and isn't coming out. At the same time it comes out smooth and quick when drawing.

The D ring clips are very strong and also adjustable so you can change the ride height and customize the fit to your liking.​

This is a high quality kydex OWB holster for the Glock 19 that we highly recommend.​

Bottom Line​

When shopping for the best OWB holster for Glock 19 handguns the most important thing is retention. Most outside the waistband holsters have comfort covered. The retention is important because you wont have the belt or waistband pressing up against the holster like you would with an IWB one. ​For this reason if we had to narrow it down to just 1 or 2, it would be the Alien Gear Cloak Mod Paddle holster first and then the NSR Tactical CTH. The retention on these are amazing and they both come in at a reasonable price.