The 5 Best Nylon Gun Belts (Tactical Belt Holster Reviews)

best nylon gun belt

The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun!

It may sound corny but have a gun on you when you need it is the best way to make use of your concealed carry permit. Many people go through all the trouble of getting the perfect carry gun, taking their class, practicing with their gun, getting a custom holster and then use a $7 Walmart belt to try and support the weight of their gun, holster, and spare magazine.

You need a specialized gun belt if you’re going to carry a gun. It doesn’t have to be a full-size tactical model, but it does need to work. If you don’t have a good belt, you’re far less likely to carry your gun. Normal belts are too thin and will suck if you try to carry with it.

Finding the right nylon gun belt is a hard. You don’t need to sift through dozens of tactical belt reviews as we've narrowed it down for you. Here are five of the best nylon gun belts available on the market today and a few tips to make sure you don’t get the wrong one.

How Thick is Too Thick?​

In the minds of many shooters, a thick belt is always best. The truth is, this is very far from the case. A thick belt is going to be good because it's going to resist lateral movement and crushing from the weight of your gun accessories. However, an extremely thick belt is going to be uncomfortable.

Ask any police officer that has gotten all new duty gear and had to wear it all at once, blisters and chafing on your belly is not fun. Get the thinnest possible belt that will support the weight of your gun.

Nylon gun belts are great because they can be pressed into other areas of service, like hiking or hunting. However, they are no good when wearing a suit and tie. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to use your belt for, and how thick it needs to be. Otherwise, you could quite literally rub your way through your pants and cause blisters on your thighs.

The 5 Best Nylon Gun Belts​

Let's now take a deeper look at the top choices the market has to offer.​

1. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Cobra EDC Belt

1.5 inch nylon gun belt with cobra buckle

Best Nylon Gun Belt with Cobra Buckle (low cost option)​

This appears to be a standard 1.5-inch nylon gun belt with a cobra belt buckle. However, this is one of the best values in the shooting world. It’s no secret that having a purpose made gun belt is always an asset. Whether your concealed carrying, hunting, or open carrying while hiking having a sturdy nylon gun belt is never a bad idea.

The reality is, some companies charge triple what a good nylon belt should cost. This belt is excellent value because you get the capability of the nylon belt with velcro and a cobra buckle for the price of a box of ammo.

The main benefit of a cobra buckle is being able to quickly open up your belt with no loss of strength. This belt has a fully functional easy to open cobra mechanism along with plenty of adjustment velcro to dial in your holster and pants combination.

The double thickness is uniform in its appearance and is doubled up for extra durability and strength. You simply are going to fold this belt over, you have to put it in a vice to make it break. It will carry just about anything that you are likely to strap on your waist and provides an excellent level of support for not a lot of money.

2. Elite CO Shooters Belt & Cobra Buckle, 1.5"

elite co shooters belt

Best Wilderness Nylon Gun Belt​

In the world of shooting sports there are few companies that are known for excellence. Elite CO produces one of the best wilderness nylon gun belts on the market.

The thing that sets this belt apart from others is extremely high-quality components and workmanship that goes into this belt. The cobra buckle included on this belt has higher tolerances and is better made then just about every other belt on the market.

The nylon uses double thickness and is sewn together with extreme care to make sure that you are never going to fold this belt over while wearing it. One of the major upsides of this belt is the comfort from the flexible nylon. Elite CO has done an excellent job of blasting overall support and pliability so you don’t feel like you have a loop strapped around your waist.

Although much more expensive than other models on the market this is one of the top nylon gun belts that’s worth every penny and is at home in the wilderness or concealed carrying.

3. GRIP6 Men's Belt Classic Series, Adjustable Nylon Webbing Strap w/Aluminium Buckle 

GRIP6 low profile gun belt

​Best Low Profile Nylon Belt

Having a nylon gun belt doesn’t always mean that you want a tactical rig. This low profile nylon belt is an excellent example of the belt that can be used as an inner belt, or for concealed carry where you want the usability of nylon but not the look.

Cobra buckles are great, but they rarely go with nice casual attire and certainly have no place in the suit. This low-profile belt buckle has the tag of your belt inside your waist band so you don’t see any tag or fancy buckle.

In fact, of the four face designs offered on the belt buckle, one is completely blacked out to match the color of the belt. The components used in this belt are extremely high-quality and the nylon is just thick enough to support the weight of a concealed carry size gun. Any extra heavy revolvers or spare magazines are going to start to overload this belt, but the Glock 19 sized gun is going to be right at home.

This is a great belt for anyone who has the need to conceal carry while wearing a casual suit or jeans and doesn’t want to look like G.I. Joe.

4. MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty Tactical Web Belt

wilderness nylon gun belt

Best Nylon Gun Belt Overall​

if you’re looking for a low-profile, TSA friendly nylon gun belt this is an absolute steal. The market is flooded with cheap imports that don’t live up to the standard that many shooters are looking for. A gun belt needs to be up to support the weight of the firearm, and spare magazines without bending or crushing.

This belt does exactly that but combines that with a comfortable polymer belt buckle that won’t set off metal detectors. This is an excellent belt for anyone who must travel in and out of security but still wants a heavy-duty belt to carry a gun or to take in the wilderness with them.

Manufactured by a US-based company this double stitched all nylon and polymer belt is thick enough to support itself, and the weight of many accessories you are likely to put on it but is still pliable enough that it is comfortable to wear all day.

The pastor belt buckle design means you don’t have to worry about velcro or punched holes matching up with your exact belt size. This is an excellent belt for anyone looking for a no-frills piece of equipment to hold their pants up.

5. Blade Tech Ind UCB (EDC Titan Ratchet Universal)

best tactical belt reviews

​Best Nylon CCW Belt

Blade Tech Industries are one of the premier companies producing firearms accessories in the world. They make the best mass-produced kydex a person can buy, as well as extremely cost-effective accessories. This is one of their best products for anyone looking for the utility of nylon, but a more subtle and casual look with a Buckle.

Cobra buckles have their place, but certainly not in any sort of fashion or casual attire. It screams concealed carry when you have it on an all nylon belt with velcro and cobra buckle. This Ratchet belt combines a stylish minimalist belt buckle that could be at home for any casual outfit.

The ratcheting mechanism inside allows you to tailor the exact fit to your waist and holster combination. This holster is plenty sturdy enough to use in competition or with several spare magazines and a full-size gun and will certainly last you a lifetime.

Blade Tech put out awesome products and this is another one of their home run pieces of gear.

​Bottom Line

While it’s good to be worried about all of your equipment, down to which nylon gun belt has velcro or not, it’s not always necessary. Get your hands on a good belt and use it. There are a ton of models on the market, but you can’t go wrong with the five listed here.

The best nylon gun belt is going to serve you for a long time doing more than just keep your pants up. It’s going to make sure that you have your gun on you if, and when you need it. Think of your belt purchase as an investment towards everything else.

Without a good belt, you’re less likely to actually use the holster, gun and concealed carry permit you received. After all, if your belt makes it uncomfortable to carry why even have the other gear?