The Best KYDEX Holster for IWB & OWB

best kydex holster

Kydex holsters have been the most important factor in the current boom in concealed carry numbers. Politics aside, the ability for people to cheaply and comfortably carry guns has never been a greater factor than it is now. Kydex holsters have ushered in a new wave of concealed carry because they are so effective at what they do.

Maintenance free and abundant both inside the waistband and outside the waistband kydex holsters have a place in concealed carry and open carry setups. Here are five of the best kydex holsters on the market and how to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.

IWB vs OWB Kydex

The debate between inside the waistband and outside the waist band holsters largely comes down to concealability and comfort. Which carry method you become more comfortable with is going to determine what kind of holster you use in the long term.

Inside the waistband, holsters are the most common type on the market and have the most options. These holsters offer more concealability but fewer features than their outside the waistband cousins. This is because there aren’t as many features needed. Other than adjustable retention inside the waistband holsters are very simple devices used to hold the gun in.

Outside the waistband holsters tend to come with more options than inside the waistband. Holsters are compatible with weapon mount lights are more common. Active retention systems are much more common. Overall OWB holsters are bulkier and heavier than IWB holsters and tend to be much more difficult to conceal.

Whether or not you need an active retention system built into your holster or will be able to conceal an OWB holster is going largely depend on what you carry and how you carry it. Holsters are cheap enough to where you can buy both IWB and OWB kydex holsters and try each type. You may switch between the two as your wardrobe changes from day today.

The 5 Best Kydex Holsters

Here are 5 of the best kydex holsters available on the market today including both IWB and OWB options.

1. Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster

best iwb kydex holster

Best IWB Kydex Holster​

Concealment Express manufactures 100% handmade kydex holsters in the USA. They make exceptionally designed, premade holsters ready to be shipped. Many of the holsters on the market today that are renowned for quality and durability are made by custom shops that take weeks to fulfil their orders.

These excellent holsters are made in the minimalist design that includes only a means to cover the Gerrard, a plastic clip and adjustable retention but are available online for immediate shipping. For the price, there are few kydex holsters on the market that can keep up with quality.

It's an intelligently designed minimalist holster making it one of the best inside the waistband kydex holsters for everyday carry. The plastic clip is on the weaker side, but won’t chew up your clothing or scratch furniture and cars. The adjustable retention allows you to tailor the force holding a gun in the holster, to draw stroke and the entire holster fits in the palm of your hand.

Strongly consider this holster if you are going to be carrying a single stack pistol inside the waistband. There’s nothing better on the market for the general everyday carry customer.

2. Outside the WaistBand BCA Light Bearing Gun Holster by Bravo Concealment

owb kydex holsters

Best OWB Kydex Holster

If you’re looking for a rough and tough outside the waistband holster made from maintenance free kydex look at this holster from Bravo Concealment. Bravo Concealment is a small kydex company that makes excellent products tailor-made for each gun with and without accessories.

When you pick up this holster you can tell in the first few minutes wearing it whether or not the person decided is sure. Bravo Concealment field test each and every one of their holsters to make sure that it’s going to work extremely well in the real world. This holster is exceptionally comfortable carrying around each and every day.

While much bulkier and heavier than other options this is an essentially bond holster that will be maintenance-free and last you a lifetime. It includes fully riveted construction and screwed in loops to secure the gun to your belt.

The entire holster is modular and includes a forward cant for better concealment. It also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. Few other holster manufacturers put out as good a product as this, that is ready to ship as soon as you’re ready. Strongly consider this holster for concealed carry, as one of the best kydex outside the waistband holsters.

3. R&R HOLSTERS: OWB Kydex Holster

owb kydex pancake holster

Best OWB Kydex Concealment Holster

Outside the waistband holsters are commonly used for larger service size pistols and situations where concealment is not the primary concern. However, many people choose to use an outside waistband holster while concealed carry.

If this is the case, look no further then this outside the waistband kydex pancake holster from R&R holsters. The great thing about this holster is that it uses stick kydex injection molded belt loops to securely attach your gun to your belt and fully support the weight of your pistol, but uses a lower profile sweat guard so that it is easier to conceal.

Many people use an undershirt while concealed carry to protect them from chafing against the grip of their firearm. If you’re going to wear an undershirt this makes a full-length sweat guard unneeded. R&R holsters got rid of an extended sweat guard and cut the length of this holster down as short as possible.

Custom-made to fit dozens of handguns with and without accessories you won't be disappointed if you choose this holster for your everyday carry or even as a backup holster. The maintenance free and rugged design of this holster will serve you well in what you plan on doing with it.

4. Green and Black USA Flag Kydex OWB Holster

custom holster kydex

Best Custom Kydex Holster​

Outlaw holsters make both kydex and leather holsters for shooters looking for wearing different designs. However, they are best known for their custom printed holsters featuring everything from subdued colored American flags to military brand specific emblems.

This is one of their best models, an OWB holster made with low-profile clips that are screwed and riveted together ready for concealed carry. There are few outside the waistband kydex options for true concealed carry and this is among the absolute best.

No one will ever doubt the comfort of carrying outside the waistband. Even while in the concealed position this holster does an excellent job of supporting the weight of your gun while still maintaining a very low-profile design.

They feature a one-year replacement warranty and are available for over 150 different firearms in both left and right hand versions. This company takes customization seriously and will likely be able to satisfy anything you want in a holster.

5. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

kydex concealment holster

Best Cheap Kydex Holster

There’s something to be said about simplicity. The people at CYA Supply Company understand that better than most because they put together an extremely simple product lineup made for concealed carry and nothing else.

There’s a ton of different manufacturers and custom shops putting together custom Kydex holsters these days. Not all of them are made by shooters and few of them are available off the shelf. CYA Supply Co. keeps dozens of holsters year round, ready to be shipped, that were designed and built for people that are going to use them.

A wraparound kydex shell combined with a plastic belt clip and just the right amount of retention sum up this perfectly balanced holster. The clear majority of shooters love this holster for concealed carry because of the low profile and simple design.

Manufactured in America and wholly owned by veterans CYA manufacturers dozens of different holsters for concealed carry. Almost all their holsters are excellent designs that will serve you well but their IWB holster made for everyday concealed carry stands out as the clear winner.

Consider this holster if you’re looking for a simple and reliable, cost driven kydex holster and want to know the people who made it deserve your business.

​Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best kydex holster for inside the waistband or outside the waistband carry, there’s never been a better time to buy. The market is saturated with kydex makers from quick ship operators like Concealment Express to full custom shops like Kentucky Kydex...anything you can think of someone is making it.

The best kydex holster for concealed carry is largely a matter of personal preference and taste. Looking around at the market you can see that there is plenty of equipment that you can bet your life on, and you can’t go wrong with any of the five listed here. Just make sure you get a good holster and know how to use it when the time comes.