The Best IWB Holster for XDS Handguns (LEATHER & KYDEX)

best IWB holster for xds

Inside the Waistband holsters are great choices for the Springfield Armory XDS. IWB holsters just work better with lighter weight and smaller guns. It's a perfect gun for concealed carry and if you choose the right holster you won't have to worry about printing or exposing your firearm. For those of you looking for the best IWB holster for XDS handguns from Springfield Armory here are our top picks including leather and kydex.

Each of these holsters feature great retention and are designed for maximum conceal-ability.​ They are all extremely comfortable and this is important when wearing inside the waistband.

Black Arch Springfield XDS IWB Hybrid Holster

hybrid iwb springfield holster by black arch

Black Arch is a holster manufacturer based out of Logan, Utah. These guys have a true passion for what they do and they make some fantastic holsters.​ The Black Arch XDS IWB hybrid holster can be had for the XDS 3.3  or the XDS 4.0, and even other popular Springfield models like the XD 45.

This particular holster is a hybrid. That means there's a kydex shell on the outside and a very high quality leather front and suede backer that the shell can attach to. The suede backing makes it extra comfortable. This is honestly one of the most comfortable IWB holsters you will find for the Springfield XDS.

It comes with all sort of adjustment types including the retention, the cant, and even the ride height.​ You'll find that the XDS fits perfectly straight out of the box and minimal adjustment to things like retention will be needed (if any at all).

Black Arch make excellent products and this is by far one of their best.​

Tulster Profile IWB Holster For Springfield Armory XDS​

Tulster xds 3.3 9mm holster

The Tulster Profile for the XDS 9mm .45 is available in 3.3 inches and 4 inches. If you've read many of our other holster reviews you will be familiar with this holster by now and it's no secret why it keeps showing up as one of the best holsters for most handguns. It's because this is one of the highest quality and well made IWB holsters available on the market today.

The Tulster profile has an adjustable cant which can be adjusted by loosening the 2 screws. ​It can be adjusted from approximately 0 to 15 degrees. There is also an adjustable retention, and the retention on this holster is amazing. 

One of the highlights of this holster is the design. Tulster round and buff all of the edges to make it smooth and comfortable. You will really notice the difference of the finish compared to other cheaper holster.​

They've also cut away a lot of the material between the trigger guard and the muzzle to assist with comfort during appendix carry. It's also been cut away high up to the trigger area so that the magazine can be released easily without having to take the XDS out of the holster. Just note that the flip-side to this is accidentally releasing the mag as this release isn't covered. However, it hasn't happened to anyone here yet so we don't see this as a big issue.

If it's quality you are after then this is XDS IWB kydex holster for you.​

Galco Summer Comfort XDS Holster

galco summer comfort xds iwb leather holster

If you are after an XDS IWB leather holster then we'd like to introduce the Galco Summer Comfort. This holster has been around since forever and is still one of the best leather choices among many inside the waistband carriers. The great thing about it is that it can also hold the Springfield XD 45 comfortably too.

The Summer Comfort has a reinforced mouth​ so that you can easily re-holster when you've drawn the weapon. In fact, it's so easy to re-holster that you can do it with just 1 hand unlike many other similar holsters. It is fairly rough on the inside so just a little warning that you will get some wear on the slide of the firearm. The leather on the outside is extremely smooth.

This holster is made of super high quality materials all the way down to the stitching. Even with a reinforced mouth the holster isn't too bulky at all, which is another big plus.

Overall it may not be as fancy as some of the others mentioned here, but the Galco Summer Comfort is a good choice as far leather IWB holsters go.​

CrossBreed ​MiniTuck for XDS

xds iwb kydex holster

CrossBreed offers a variety of IWB holsters and the best one for the Springfield XDS is the MiniTuck. It makes sense because this is such a small handgun and especially if conceal-ability is a priority. The MiniTuck comes in Black Cow Hide and also in Premium Horse Hide Leather. Both are comfortable but the horse hide is a little softer.

The MiniTuck comes with a kydex shell on the cow hide or horse hide leather backing​. On each side of the kydex are 2 impressive and extremely sturdy clips (with cool looking crosses on them). These clips are strong and do a great job of keeping the holster in place. Rest assured your holster isn't moving even when drawing had and fast.

This holster also features good adjustability. The cant can be adjusted and also the clips so that you can change the ride height.​

Concealment with the MiniTuck is fantastic. You won't need to wear shirts twice as large as your usual size. A lot of this comes down to the design and the way they have cut away any unnecessary materials, hence the name "MiniTuck".​

This is a high quality, comfortable IWB holster that hides the XDS really well.


The Springfield XDS is a great compact pistol that shouldn't be hard to conceal if you use the right holster. The best IWB holster for XDS handguns will be comfortable, compact, have minimal printing and have good functionality. These 4 holsters cover all of these requirements very well and are in our opinion the top choices on the market today. We hope you have found this guide helpful and thanks for reading.