The 4 Best Holsters for H&K VP9 Handguns

best holster for vp9

Maybe you don't like Glock, or maybe you want a better performing pistol right out of the box and have settled on the H&K VP9, you might be wondering what is the best holster for a VP9? Others may be wondering what is a VP9? Let's take a look at these questions.

The Heckler & Koch VP9​

The Heckler & Koch VP9 is a semi automatic polymer handgun. It features a low profile right hand side slide release lever, trigger safety latch, an enlarged extractor/loaded chamber indicator, and HK's patented charging supports. The pistol also can support up to 5.6 ounces on its forward rail for all your reasonable light or laser needs.

Chambered in 9mm, with a 10 or 15 round capacity, the VP9 is a quality alternative to the main Glock pistols in its size range, as it falls right in between the overall length of a G17 and a G19. More experienced shooters will like the slightly lighter trigger pull for the VP9 (5.4lbs) compared to the standard Glock weight (5.5lbs).

For those interested in extra safety, the rear of the striker is read and visible when the striker is cocked, this will also help with dry fire. The grip can be modified for the most comfortable grip for the user and less importantly in a variety of frame colors.

HK has a well earned reputation of producing quality firearms and the VP9 is no exception. Although the price tag for a base VP9 tops out at around $800 it is roughly the price of a Glock with some minor modifications that would come standard in the VP9 (predominately an improved trigger). Because of this it makes a good military sidearm, so we will be looking into considerations for a duty holster as well.

​What to Look for in a HK VP9 Holster

In regards to what to look for in a holster there a few considerations, especially in regards to a kydex holster.

The trigger must be covered enough to not have things accidentally depress the trigger and cause a misfire. This is especially important in regards to a duty holster.

Generally a shoulder holster will not be used with something like a VP9, as it falls into the normal concealed carry size parameters and comfortable shoulder holsters require even more of a change for one's regular wardrobe for optimal concealment.

Ideally an inside-the-waistband holster would be used, but if you are using it as a duty weapon retention becomes a bigger factor. What is known as level III retention should be sought for an open carry duty option in order to help in the user's retention of the firearm in physical altercations.

​The 4 Best Holsters for the VP9

There are a wide variety of custom options for holsters but for those who do not know where to look for these we will see what is offered easily online for a few quality holsters.

1. Safariland 7378 7TS ALS Paddle & Belt Slide Concealed Holster for H&K VP9

VP9 duty holster

Safariland is known for their quality holster options, especially for duty use. This VP9 holster from Safariland is a paddle style and can be worn on various 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions, with 4-5 o'clock being recommended. This is because of the stabilizing paddle will not work in the appendix position.

This model is made out of Safariland's non-abrasive Nylon ( SafariSeven 7TS), this means that the finish of your weapon will not be harmed by the holster. It also features the Auto Locking System or ALS, that can be released with the thumb from a proper shooting grip.

Its cant is not adjustable but its retention is. This holster securely retains the pistol and is designed for a smooth draw. The paddle is the most comfortable on the market. The price is pretty good for a Safariland, and is right hand oriented (specify if you need a left handed holster) and 9mm only.

2. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

h&k vp9 iwb holster kydex

Concealment Express offers this H&K VP9 IWB holster in an affordable price range. It features an adjustable cant and retention using Philip's head screws, so it requires no specialized tools. This option fits both the the 9mm and .40 versions of the H&K VP.

The clip can fit belts up to 1.5” width and features an Audible Retention Lock System in addition to a full sweat guard. It comes in plain black and carbon fiber black, with a life time warranty and free return policy.

3. Safariland 6360 ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Level-III Retention, H&K VP9, STX Tactical

hk vp9 holster with light

This HK VP9 holster with light capabilities is a perfect duty holster for your VP9. It allows you to have the needed positive identification abilities of bring a light with you into a dark area. It additionally has level III retention so your pistol is secured in the holster, but with the Auto Locking System it still allows a quick and natural draw.

The Mid Ride of this holster indicates that the pistol will ride a little lower than the belt, with grip roughly being belt level, so it is not too high but not low enough to be the same height as a properly configured thigh rig holster.

This holster is more geared toward being on a “Battle belt” or duty belt so there is no extra rigging hanging off of it that other options would have. The ability to accept a weapon with a mounted light is also very handy as it keeps the light with the firearms while an additional light can be used to light up other areas.

This holster falls in the higher price range but quality gear is expensive especially if you may have to stake your life on it. This tactical holster has less of a “Mall ninja” feel to it while maintaining proper functionality.

4. Safariland 7005 7TS SLS Tactical H&K VP9 Holster

vp9 holster safariland

This low riding VP9 holster features a Self Locking System for positive retention of the firearm and a smooth draw. Since it is drop leg holster it puts the pistol below the belt line.

Drop leg holsters should be worn as high as they possibly can with their straps high on the thigh. Too low and you won't be able quickly access it and not having it tight enough will have the whole thing move around, you do not want your pistol to be freely moving around. A holster's purpose is to ensure that pistol is secured and not moving around and that is in the same place or roughly the same place each time to go with your draw stroke.

Additional features include a matte finish, standard double leg strap, and thumb break style release. This holster can resist high and low temperatures, which is a factor to consider with kydex holsters. This model also includes mounting areas for accessories and other add-ons. It's another holster in the high price range but is a quality option if your current gear makes a drop leg holster necessary.

​Bottom Line

The VP9 is probably one of the better 9mm alternatives to what can be considered the standard 9mm pistol lines. You mostly hear about Sig Saur or Glock or Smith & Wesson. H&K has produced quality firearms for quite some time but they tend to fall on the higher end of the price spectrum because of their better stock internals.

While purchasing cheaper quality firearms that would eventually need to have a few upgrades either right out of the box or after the first parts replacement cycle is a decent plan some would to skip the need to upgrade and get a better stock pistol.

In the grand scheme of things, Glock currently has the better aftermarket parts options available currently. This is not the only thing to consider. Holsters and magazines also should be considered.

Depending where you go the magazine price of things like the VP9 are significantly higher than some of the available Glock magazines, but most magazines begin to be expensive especially if you purchase or plan to own a lot of them, since they are expendable objects. They also have an effective use shelf life and will eventually have to have be maintained or replaced. Holsters are less of a problem as they can be custom made or, as we saw, available from a variety of quality stock manufacturers.

You could do much worse than a VP9 as a defensive tool especially since it has a quality amount of capacity, quality internals, adjustable grip options, and a slue of other safety and function features that will help you. A good amount of dry fire practice and range time will help you with your pistol draw, presentation, sight picture, and accuracy just like any other pistol. The striker indicator will even help with dry firing a VP9.

The only issues some may have with the VP9 are its price tag and the cost of up keep other than that ammunition costs are low with 9mm and upgrade requirements are minimal. The customization of a pistol falls more easily to Glock while the out of the box quality tends to fall on the H&K side of things.

Hopefully this article has helped you find options for the best holster for the VP9 and given you a little bit more understanding of this pistol