The 5 Best Gun Belts for IWB Concealed Carry (Holster Belt Reviews)

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The key for consistent concealed carry is having the right equipment. The right gun, the right holster, and the right belt. Having a decent belt for concealed carry is like building a house on a solid foundation. Your belt is going to support the weight of your gun and make sure there is no shifting or movement causing hotspots and blisters as you move around.

There’s nothing more annoying than having your belt sag to one side printing and causing you walk funny the very first time you try concealed carry. We'll reveal five of the best gun belts for inside the waistband concealed carry and a few tips to make sure you don’t buy the wrong belt.

A few tips to make sure you get the correct belt:

  • Find the thinnest belt that will support the weight of your gun and any accessories you plan on carrying. Know exactly how you are going to wear your gun, and what clothing you are going to wear with each belt.
  • Odds are, you are going to need more than one belt if you plan on concealed carrying on drastically different clothing.
  • For casual wear, a nylon belt with a cobra buckle could be acceptable. In a suit, a cobra buckle would be a disaster. Look for ways that you can maximize your use out of each belt and plan on buying several.

The 5 Best Gun Belts for IWB Concealed Carry

1. Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle

best gun belt for iwb

Best Gun Belt for IWB

Carrying a gun inside the waistband means having access to a durable and supportive belt to distribute the weight of your gun. If you’re looking for a tactical or nylon gun belt, you’re in luck as there’s a ton of them out there. However, for people who need a belt that will fit in a casual setting or to wear with a suit, there are far fewer options.

This belt from Mio Marino is a genuine leather belt built around a ratcheting mechanism so that you can easily dial in the exact length of belt you need. By far the best thing about this belt is the materials that it's made from. It does its job as a gun belt well by being very sturdy and supportive laterally across the web of the weather, but it is also extremely stylish and won’t stand out like a sore thumb in a suit or with a pair of jeans.

Wearing a nylon tactical belt is a surefire way to let everyone know at the office that you’re carrying a gun. These belts made from high-quality leather with several different interesting and high-quality designs won’t draw any attention.

The ratcheting mechanism that this belt is made with is nothing new, but it is extremely useful for dialling in the exact length of belt that you need, especially if you wear different guns for different occasions. This is extremely important so you don’t have a large tail hanging out of your belt buckle or too little if you upsize your gun wearing jeans.

2. MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty Tactical Web Belt

best nylon gun belt

​Best Nylon Gun Belt

If you are okay with wearing a nylon gun belt, there are a ton on the market. However, don’t get stuck with one of the cheaply imported belts that won’t support the weight of your gun and will fold and buckle like a piece of bacon wrapped around your waist.

This belt is particularly good because while is made of doubled up reinforced nylon, it is supple to the touch and bends easily around your waist. When you put many of the reinforced tactical belts on, you will quickly notice it feels like you’re wearing a steel band around your hips.

The lack of bending and sagging this belt affords makes it great for everyday carry. Over time you don’t have to worry about the fibers of the nylon loosening up and failing. Overall the stitching is doubled up and reinforced in the correct areas but doesn’t impede comfort by overdoing it. Everything about this belt is the way it should be.

This belt is plenty strong to support its own weight but is comfortable to wear all day. The polymer buckle keeps the belt lightweight and is TSA friendly. This belt is manufactured by a US-based company and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

3. The Ultimate Concealed Carry Leather CCW Gun Belt - 1 1/2 inch

best leather gun belt for ccw

​Best Leather Gun Belt for CCW

If you’re looking for a classic leather gun belt, Relentless Tactical makes what they call the Ultimate Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt. It’s a 14-ounce, 1 ½ inch premium grade leather belt hand-made in the USA.

This belt is made from heavy duty 14-ounce leather that is reinforced on all seams to make sure that it will never bend, stretch or sag. This is one of the most beloved belts online, and for good reason. It’s extremely heavy-duty and lasts a lifetime if you keep it dry and well-conditioned.

The buckle is made from heavy-duty steel that won’t rust out or break on you. Available in three different colors the double reinforced seams of this belt are never going to break down and the intelligently located buckle holes make it easy to tailor the belt’s fit to the particular pants, holster and gun combination you are using that day.

There’s nothing better than a classic tool that does its job well and this is one of the best leather gun belts for CCW. It’s thick enough to do anything, will last you a lifetime and is cost-effective enough that anyone who is concealed carrying can afford one.

4. Blade-Tech Ind UCB - EDC Defender Ratchet Universal

best belt for concealed carry

Best Belt for Concealed Carry​

It’s no secret that Blade Tech got its name making high-speed competition equipment. However, their shifts in recent years toward concealed carry has been great for everybody. This purpose driven belt is an excellent example.

On the outside, it looks like a plain Jane belt. However, a closer look reveals this is a heavy-duty hard use item made for day in and day out concealed carry. The best thing about this belt is that you get extraordinarily sturdy belts without the associated bulk.

Fabric belts are extremely comfortable because they mold the contour of your hips and will bend and stretch as you walk. This belt from Blade Tech has enough of these attributes that it is comfortable to wear all day without any chafing or hotspots, but still has enough body to support and distributes the weight of your gun.

The track line allows you to tailor the exact length of the belt to whatever holster and gun combination you have to be wearing that day. The matte black material the belt is made from and the plane steel belt buckle draws your attention and you won’t be able to tell this is one of the best concealed carry belts.

5. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Cobra EDC Belt

Best Cobra Belt Buckle​ for IWB Carry

Best Cobra Belt Buckle​ for IWB Carry

A cobra belt buckle makes the interesting addition to belts because it makes it possible to quickly unbutton your pants to change or use the restroom. With thick leather gun belts or double reinforced nylon gun belts, it can be difficult to manipulate the belt buckle. However, on a cobra belt buckle two easy to pinch clasps and the belt drops free.

However, cobra belt buckles have become exceedingly expensive in recent years, often costing double what other belts do. This belt is excellent because it combines 1.5 inches of double reinforced nylon webbing with high-quality velcro any decent a cobra buckle. All this for less than half what you would pay for other competing models.

Highly sought after because of its unique mechanism, this cobra buckle provides no loss in strength compared to other belt buckles but is still easy to unbuckle, even under severe load. The downside to a cobra belt, however, is the precision needed when fitting. You can as easily adjust this cobra buckled belt as you can other models and switching between different carry will often mean needing different belts.

That makes this belt even more attractive because the low-price and high-quality make it an effective option for anybody who needs a good quality cobra buckled belt. Other brands out there charge up to double for belts like a Blackhawk gun belt, that is essentially the same as this one. Perfect for everyday carry or hiking in the wilderness and carry equipment, this is one of the best cobra belt buckles on the market.

​Bottom Line

You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment in the world for successful concealed carry, and all of your gear has to work. There are belts on the market that cost a few dollars more than what you’re probably using now and will serve you much better for years to come.

All five of the belts listed here are going to do a stellar job in allowing you to conceal carry day in and day out with no worries. After all, the whole point of concealed carry is making sure that you aren't constantly worried about your own personal security so why wouldn’t you invest in a piece of equipment that allows you to be worry free more often? Do yourself a favor and get the best gun belt you can.